IPC Prep… ish

IPC Prep… ish

Yes…I know you can’t believe I made it to a workout! I Qed Chiseled once and it was a complete disaster and I didn’t need that to happen at Cowbell, so I planned a little. See below.  Also, if you don’t own a Kettle Bell, I suggest buying one, they are very versatile and I would go about 5 lbs heavier than you think you need. I’m weak so I went with a 35 and will hopefully be able to sling it around pretty well in a few months…just in time for IPC


Longish run behind Pet Smart then along the front of target and back to COT.

10 SSH IC – Left shoulder is still tight, my form was amazing!

10 IW IC

Calf Stretch

Runners Lunge

The Thang:

Suicide – 1:

Start with KB on the far side of the parking lot and run to the first main parking lot divider line ( You had to be there) with your KB and do 25 rows with each arm leave the KB and run back to the start. Run back to the KB and advance to the next line… Advance further across lot each time.

Exercises that followed 25 rows:

35 curls

45 American hammers w/ KB

55 squats – Rinse and repeat 2 more times…drop 5 reps each time.


Suicide – 2:

Just like Suicide 1 except… Walking lunges w/ KB instead of running. 50 flutters, 25 KB swings Rinse/Repeat x 3 and drop 5 reps after each set.

Circle of KB Pain:

A pax calls out an exercise and the other pax perform the exercise while said pax runs to or around a predetermined area.



The Moleskine:

Did you know Dasher is fast and in very good shape? Have you ever met Shriver? Well, he’s like Dasher…in great shape. Then there’s the one they call Chainsaw! I mean, he is a RR and still outworks some of the pax that are much younger than him!  Small groups are where it’s at! Thanks for letting me lead and working hard!!

I took us out.

Announcements: Probably…but that time has passed

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