Cue NBC Olympic music

Cue NBC Olympic music

Four PAX arrived at the bar school for Last Call to the same number of fans at the Tokyo Opening Ceremonies going on at that same time.  But Last Call had a shovel flag!  The shovel flag was the flag from The Body Shop, but that doesn’t matter.  Flag was planted, DICCS provided and men ran off.



  • Hillbillies x 10 IC
  • Plank Jacks x 10 IC
  • Newton’s Cradle x 10 IC
  • Nancy Kerrigan x 10 each leg IC



Mosey to the main high school driveway

  • Run the drive stopping at each of 7 lights for 5x Olympic Ring Merkins (hand-release and make circles like a snow angel)

There was a gifted pile of rocks at the roundabout!  Grab a rock and carry it, stop along the way for some merkins on rocks.

Head to the benches between the tennis courts and find a special place under a bench

  • Supine pull-ups underhand grip (chin-ups) x 10 OYO
  • Supine pull-ups overhand grip x 10 OYO
  • Stagger with one hand over and one under x 10 OYO
  • Flapjack the stagger 1x 10 OYO
  • Get up for 10 dips
  • Straddle bench hops over the bench, bent over holding on x 10
  • Run around one set of courts

Repeat for a total of 4 sets

With the rocks at the benches

  • Make an ‘X’ 20 IC
  • Chest flies x 25 OYO
  • Michael Phelps swimmer moves x 20 IC
  • Captain Morgans x 20 each leg

Run to the school entrance for 5 O-Ring Merkins

Return and repeat

On the second round, return to the back entrance with rocks for 6 O-Ring merkins with rocks in hand.

Mosey to COT stopping for 20 Dragonflies at the HS side entrance.



YHC usually has a theme for the workout.  This theme began as “Reuse, Recycle, Reduce” because YHC was recycling a weinke used at Last Call in June.  After some mumblechatter about the Olympics during the opening mosey and YHC calling the Nancy Kerrigan, Posse put together that the theme was around the Olympics.  Yes, of course!  T-merkins because Olympic Ring merkins, the Michael Phelps was added to the invisi-weinke, Dragonflies were renamed Greg Louganis and monkey humpers were scratched because… monkeys at the Olympics?  A more Olympic-centric list of exercises would have worked well.

  • J-Woww was a suprise after a comment made earlier in the week at Bushwood about “…some weird Das Boot exercise.”  But as always, he tore it up throughout, though his weakness may be wet grass.
  • Posse discovered the theme unknown even to the Q and showed that he secretly loves supines under the tennis court benches.  Something about great memories under benches.
  • Honeycomb showed great form on the bench hops and the O-merkins, until rocks were added where it became more of a scrape/drag effort.


Good times at Marvin and everyone was surprised, nay utterly baffled, that there was not a Site Q present.  But stranger things have happened.  Good conversation afterwards also, although being past Last Call, there were no beverages to be had.


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