Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero

1 mile warm up run from COT to Crazy cabin boys house to High School light.


At the 200 and 400 markers at the front of the high school.

4 Rounds of the following:

2oo m sprint followed by 200 cool down

2oo m sprint followed by 200 cool down

400 m sprint followed by 400 cool down


finished with a cool down run from middle school entrance to crazy cabin boys house and back


A few things we learned today.

  1. Glidah is a guitar hero superstar
  2. Hollywood’s running form is not built for sprints
  3. Deflated’s and Smithers’ life choices are not built for sprints
  4. Ghosted in eager to EH cabin boy and loves the hour long workouts unlike some people in the group. (Chastain…cough cough)


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