Emotional Harumph

  • When:7/6/2021
  • QIC: Horsehead

Emotional Harumph

Who Dat:

Cage, Baracus, Lois, Madison, Horsehead


What Dat:

  • Run to the graveyard and back.  Boogedy boogedy boo.
  • Warmup stuff
  • Merkin Swing pyramid – 10/10, 10/20, 10/30, 10/20, 10/10
  • Hill work – 5x hill repeats while partner does called exercise.  Drop a level and repeat all three levels down to the bottom.  We took some breaks between sets for stationary exercises and because this was really awful.
  • 5MOM – I faked most of it.


What had happened:

Definitely some emotional (and audible) harumphing on the hills today.  Without a doubt.

Baracus barely made it, and must have ran out of the door while dressing because he had on his kids tank top.

Lois still on the mend from his AAA towing injury but getting after it.  We caught him in a moment of deep introspection during one of the hill repeats.

Cage did his thing, like he always does.  Watch out retirement.

Madison offered up his bag of fartsacking excuses, free of charge.  He didn’t need one today though #LIFO

Missing many of the regulars.  We expect that they all have reasonable excuses, unlike the ones previously mentioned by Madison.  Here are a few:

  • Couldn’t find my copperfit neck sleeve
  • Ignored the warning on the QTip box and punctured my brain
  • Broke my coccyx during an ill-advised downhill race bike race on a Penny Farthing
  • My wife smacked me silly after catching me taking the bag completely out of the cereal box
  • Too embarrassed to show in public after my iPhone broadcast my screen time statistics aloud in public (this happens each Sunday AM, pay attention)
  • Still trying to track down Bob Dylan to hand over that Nobel Prize
  • Accidentally listened to the last 45 mins of a Jocko podcast and spent my life savings on overpriced blue jeans and tea
  • Captured by the Daleks


Should harumph have two Rs?  That seems to be undecided.  I’m going with one but my autocorrect is not happy.



That’s all I have time for today.












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