T1000 Qs Again

T1000 Qs Again

T1000 isn’t setup to post backblasts and I’m tardy in filling in for him.  Getting credit to the PAX who posted.

He planned a nice weinkee (sp?!) for his second time Qing and then absentmindedly left the weinkee at home.  So for his second Q he did it all off the top of his head and the PAX didn’t notice a thing.

Lefty lead mosey to the back parking lot, some standard SSH, LSS Merkins and stretching.   Mosey around school with 5 reps of your choice at each turn along the route.   Next head to rock pile for an arm smashing grinder with pair taking turns doing rifle carries or endless reps of curls, presses, extensions, rows and one other which I refuse to recall as I only remember the pain (but in a good way).   Lastly we returned the rocks and headed to the track for more partner alternating with P1 running a lap & P2 performing Bobby Hurly, Squats, Merkins and more.

We then took turns with PAX lead Mary to wrap things up for a solid workout lead by a kid who didn’t even have his learner’s permit yet.

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