Ugliest T-Shirt Ever

Ugliest T-Shirt Ever

3 PAX fought the Fartsack this morning to Post at the weekly Running/Rucking site known as Pursuit.


The Thang:

  • 0515 – Warm-up from the Millbridge Clubhouse over the Covered Bridge to the paved path over to the Ridge Haven section of “it’s still Millbridge”.
  • 0525 – Scrap the planned warm-up and workout, but enjoy great 2nd F while looping the outer perimeter of the Ridge Haven section including the Walnut Creek “half” of the loop.  Head back to COT at the Millbridge Clubhouse.
  • 0615 – COT


  • The 2nd attempt at planning a “Challenge” at Pursuit was scrapped due to low turnout.  The point of running in a group is to get motivated, get outside your comfort zone, and run with others, but a workout that breaks into 2 groups this morning would have left the PAX running alone.  So, an audible was made to enjoy the unusually and unseasonally cool 62 degree temps.
  • Great 2ndF along the way catching up with 6 time Blue Ridge Relay vet and planned 6man Ultra team in 2021, Flip Phone.  YHC and Flip Phone swapped war stories of night terrors and mountain goats while wondering if there will ever be a Waxhaw Express-based BRR team in the future.
  • Turnbuckle had a solo MillBridge Parkway jaunt going almost end-to-end.


  • Christ Closet – 9am Saturday for a Clothes and Furniture giveaway.  Help needed until 1pm from anyone in your family to move furniture and generally lend a hand.  Park on Byrum Rd near 6025 New Town Rd, 28173.
  • 3rd annual Crane Relay – Friday, August 13th to Saturday, August 14th.  Event is run by F3 Pax for F3 Pax and consists of running a 3,4,&5mi loop in Ballantyne from the home-base hotel during the night.  Nominal cost to cover splitting a hotel room (shower, place to put your head down, and breakfast) with the teammates who are drafted onto teams that are made as equal as possible.  Sign-up list here (click link) to gather interest.  Details will be coming as interest is generated.
  • F3 Dads Camping Trip – not to be confused with F3 Dads Camp, this is tent camping in Blowing Rock on July 30-Aug 1.  For details, email Bratwurst (, DM on GroupMe, or check F3Dads channel on Slack.

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