Three’s Company

Three’s Company

I saw a family photo of Homecoming two weeks ago with just Honeycomb and another pax and felt sad.   Three sites on a Saturday.  Over 100 active pax, and we could only get two people to this site…the original commitment site….the location that started F3 Waxhaw.  I knew I had to do something.  So against my better judgement, I attended the next Homecoming with Chastain on Q.  Despite my warnings that I had a man cold and bad back and would be modifying, Chastain decided to eviscerate me publicly at the workout and in the back blast (In fairness, I probably deserved it as I was in a bad mood from the aforementioned ailments).   But I digress….So during COT Honeycomb begs for upcoming Q’s and I get chosen first…great.  So here we are today.  I arrive 15 minute early to stretch out the back (and legs…damn you Shriver!!!).  Maple Syrup arrives and comes hobbling out of the car.  “Shriver?” I ask.  “Yup” replied Maple.   Honeycomb breaths a sigh of relief as I joke that burpees are out due to my back and legs are out due to Shriver.  As 6:30 began approaching it became evident that it was just going to be us three.  I guess that’s better than 2 from two weeks ago.  I warn the pax that we will hit all three campuses but will spend the majority of our time at the high school.  I expected groans but actually got excitement in return.  6:30, lets go.



Mosey towards the middle school trail.  Stop for Jimmy Duggans.  Take that trail to the high school practice fields for a hot second then on to the high school trail.  Stop at the bridge for hamstring and quad stretches.  Continue the trail to the high school (Damn I hate that trail hill).  Final calf stretch in the middle school parking lot to end the warm up.



The plan was to tip the cap to some great past workouts at the high school.  First up is Delta’s Serpentine of Doom.   Increasing atomic Merkins at each speed bump.  There are 10.  I won’t lie, at around 7 I suggested perhaps we cut it off at 8.  Maple was hearing none of it.  At 9 I lamented that our Q was an asshole.  I think all pax in attendance agreed (and maybe even a few that weren’t there).

At the far stairway rock hill grab two small rocks that you can hold in each hand.  Put them down for now.   Mosey to the other stairway and grab one big rock.  20 Curls with the big rock then run to the small rocks for 20 curls (2 is 1).  Repeat 3 times.   Round 2 the burn really turned up.  Round three was full on lactic acid burn…just what I was going for.  Small rocks up.  Leave the big rocks out.

At the stairway closet to the school, pick the biggest of the three rocks (good job Honeycomb) then put the other two up.  Divide up into teams of three (I don’t think the pax in attendance got the joke).  I think F3 calls this a grinder so I will go with it.  Exercises on the ends with a runner in between.  P1 does tricep extensions with the bigger rock.  P2 Runs.  P3 does dips at the benches.  Repeat 3 times.  Mucho burno.

I had not intended to do legs, but these benches where where I came up with the up and overs so we did station work.  P1: Wall Sit.  P2: Foot Release Squats.  P3: Up and overs were our timer.  I asked Honeycomb for a number between 10 and 15 and it couldn’t be 10 or 15….he went with 14.   So 14 up and overs.   We did two rounds and Maple was begging for mercy.  I was in agreement…2 rounds was enough.

Mosey behind the school to the hand rails for a Dough Boy special.  Supine ladder.   10 down to 1.  It burnt.  Seamed to be the theme today.

Mosey past the big hill (where Doc left my soul on workout number two) over to the cross country trail.  Enjoyed the peace, calm, and serenity of the babbling brook underneath the wooden bridge but it was short lived.  I forgot how bad that hill leading up to the brick pile is…holy hell.  All pax breathing hard now so I took a minute for Al Gore’s to recover.

Grab Bricks (Frack special, though he did make us grab pallets one time).  P1 Front raises.  P2 Side Raises.  P3: Run to the gate and back.   The gate run proved to be longer and tougher than I thought and I really wanted to focus on the lifting so I cut it out for round 2 and 3 and we lifted together.

Quick mosey out and back to keep the heart rate up and back to the bricks for 50 reverse fly’s broken up into the weirdest count possible.   25 round 1.  15 round 2.  10 round 3.  Bricks up.

All you got up hill towards the gate.   Ice 9 would be proud as all three pax were near dry heavying heart rates.  Called for a back stretch on the fence but Maple quickly sniffed out that it was my way of catching my breath and he thanked me.

Slow mosey back to the middle school entrance via Deal Road.

Asked for an exercise that we would do at each tree increase counts.  Apparently they still wanted more legs as Bobby Hurly’s were called.  We made it to 10 tree’s (not even half way) before YHC decided that was enough. Mosey to the bottom of the hill for 50 LBC’s used only for active recovery purposes.

5 minutes left.  Leap Frog Sprints back up the hill.  P1 Runs up 3 trees and waits.  P2 runs 3 trees past P1.  P3 runs three trees past P2.  And so on until we were all at the top.  Maple asking why that was harder than just running it all at once. I think its the high intensity part…sprint, rest, sprint.  It pushes the cardio more than just a jog, but I’m not a professional.

2 minutes left, recovery jog back to COT.  I thought that would finish us out but we had a minute left so we did gas pumpers until 7:30.



  • Thanks to Maple for coming to make it 3 instead of 2 today.  Your reward is that you get to be the new co site Q at homecoming.   You apparently went on too long about how much you loved this site which allowed Honeycomb to awkwardly ask on one knee if you would join him.  I’m disappointed there was no exchanging of rings.  Looking forward to what plans you have with the site.  Project 1, get more pax to attend.
  • Both Honeycomb and Maple pushed hard today, and thus pushed me harder.  They were not hearing the audibles when I jokingly threw them out there.
  • The goal was to get over to the high school to do some of the old school beat downs from original Commitment.  I think I succeeded on that goal.
  • In my winkie planning I had expected we would get about 4 miles.  I was disappointed when we finished and I only saw 3.29 on the watch.  I will say we earned every bit of the 3.29 and those cross country trail hills (both of them) are the devil.
  • I made sure to make mention of Juneteenth during announcements and prayer.  Its an important part of our American history that I only recently learned about last year.  I do question why we celebrate when the last of the slaves found out about their freedom instead of the actual 13th amendment ratification itself.
    • This talked snowballed into a discussion on racism in America today.  Its a topic I’ve wanted to cover in Q bites, but have yet to have the courage…because it is such a difficult topic…..and because I really want to cover it from two angles with multiple opinions and I haven’t had a chance to talk to two particular people about coming that I want there for that topic.
    • The question was asked is America more racist today than ever before.  The consensus was no.  My opinion was the media and some politicians are stoking racial flames for their gains.   But I’m a middle class white guy who leans right which is why I’d love to get opinions from different pax who may have differing view points and life experiences.
  • Good luck to those donating blood today.  Thank you for your continued efforts to push this thing along Turn Buckle and Radar.

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