Ultimate with 2.0s

Ultimate with 2.0s

I saw someone organized a game of Ultimate Frisbee a few weeks ago and I said to myself, self, Ultimate Frisbee  would be a great fit for The Appetizer or Clyent Dinner since both are frequented by 2.0s.

Luckily for me, C3PO needed a substitute Q. Unlikely for the 3? 2.0s who took a Frisbee to the face, ultimate Frisbee was the game plan.

No FNGs and about a dozen giddy 2.0s led to a very brief disclaimer (hey don’t sue me or F3) and a skipped warmup session.

Mosey to the back field  stopping at every light pole (6-7 in total) for 10 exercises of your own choice. Naturally the 2.0s beat the adults to the end and were ready to play.

I randomly split up the teams, little did I know Gerber and Duncan were semi professional Ultimate Frisbee players but that’s OK –  it’s for the kids right!?!?

After what seemed like 5 or 6 touchdowns, a few bloody lips, and all the 2.0s except for Bean swapping teams we finally settled down and the kids figured out it wasn’t an great idea to throw as hard as they can right into another’s face.

Times up. Mosey back to CoT with 10 of your own exercise at each light pole.

Strava said I ran 2.3 miles, not bad for 45 minutes and 14 x 10 reps of choose your own exercise.



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