Almost A Solo Workout

Almost A Solo Workout

My watch hit 6:30am and I was the only pax in the lot, so I started my watch and began my warm up mosey (after thinking about getting back in my vehicle and going home to make waffles).  I had only run a few minutes when a car pulled in and it was Judge, thank you Judge!

I knew Judge is a runner so I called an audible and decided to run the cross country trail with some pain station stops.

The stops included:  SSH, squats, LBC’s, snow angels, curls and making X’s with bricks at the brick pile, curb dips, American hammers.

When we got to the football practice field we ran over to the bleachers and ran up all 8 of the stair sets.  At the bottom we did 2 burpees, at the tops we alternated between 5 uneven arm merkins (using a high bench and a low bench) and 10 squats.

When we got back to the parking lot we pulled my tractor tire out of my truck bed and one of us flipped it 10 times while the other did plank jacks, then another round but doing LBC’s.   And that was 7:30am.

I forgot to take a picture, but Judge can back me up, this workout really did happen.

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