Conquering the Beast…

Conquering the Beast…

12 HIMs (feels awkward not putting an ‘s’ after HIM) rolled into Carmel Commons on a moderately warm morning ready to put in their work before the sun came up. YHC spent a little time preparing since grabbing the substi-Q for Flipper and was ready to try a few new things out with the PAX. If they worked, great. If not, I’d blame Flipper and the lack of time to adequately prep.

Perfect disclaimer provided and off we went into the gloom.

Here’s what went down.

The Thang

Mosey from Amelie’s over to Charlotte Catholic and took the short ramps to the top of Tartarus for CoP.

Warm-Up Exercises in cadence:

  • SSH x 15
  • IW x 15
  • Peter Parkers x 10
  • Merkins x 10
  • Parker Peters x 10
  • LSS x 15

Mosey down the stairs to the base of stairwell #1.

WAVE 1: The Beast

  • Starting at the bottom of stairwell #1, do 6x called exercise, run to the top of stairwell #1, do 6x more. Run to stairwell #2, 6x, bottom of stairwell #2, 6x, run to stairwell #3, 6x, top of stairwell #3, 6x. Wait for the 6. Once the 6 is in, reverse and repeat with new called exercise. (6 Rounds, 6 Stops, 6 Reps each stop = The Beast)
    • ROUND 1: Merkins
    • ROUND 2: LBCs
    • ROUND 3: 180 Squats
    • ROUND 4: CDDs
    • ROUND 5: Heels to Heaven
    • ROUND 6: Jump Lunges

Mosey to the bottom of stairwell #2.

Wave 2: Racoon Walk, Wall, and Dragonflys

  • Racoon Walk. It’s like a Bear Crawl but you do it across the top of a wall. (Foraging through trash at the end is optional)
    • From stairwell #2 (on the first floor) to stairwell #3, jump up on the wall of Tartarus and make your way across. Hopping down and back up at each support beam.
  • Next was a series of wall sits with arm raises inside the deck, wall hurdles, and dragonflys using the fence to the football field. Random # of arm raises, 6 hurdles and 30 dragonflys total.

Mosey back to Launch Point with some quick Mary before time was called. LBCs and Protractor.

YNC with the take out prayer.


  • The ‘Beast’ turned out to be just that. Running it in a parking deck and adding the stairs added another level of burn that helped this live up to the name. Mermaid pleaded with the Q to take it easy on the 6th round and not call something everyone would refusnik. I had Jump Lunges already planned but will definitely be adding burpees to the end next time.
  • I stumbled across the Racoon Walk in the Exicon a while back but never found a suitable place to try it out. Tartarus proved to be the perfect spot, so with much hesitation from the PAX we jumped up and put in some work. Turns out it’s a bit harder than I thought. It basically turns into a compressed bear crawl on a really narrow ledge. Lots of muscle groups being fired. About half the group reverted to bear crawls along the way. Regardless, definitely another one to add to the repertoire.
  • At one point as we were jumping over the wall between the deck and the football field Lorax mentioned he wanted to see me hurdle the wall rather than jump/climb it. I informed him that my body is built like Fred Flintstone, all torso and short legs. Hurdling has never been an option.
  • The Security Guard at Charlotte Catholic continues to engage and be impressed with the PAX. He says he’ll never join us, but I think we can turn him around if we keep at it.


  • Continue to keep the Palmer family in your prayers. Recent news and progress are positive, but they continue to need our prayers.
  • Speaking of conquering the beast, I have a bible study that meets right after Centurion on Fridays. Today was a great session where we discussed all the pressures and responsibilities that often become overwhelming and cause us to lose our momentum in life. It’s easy to get lost and lose motivation. But having faith that God has already conquered the biggest challenge in our lives is inspiring. I’m hoping to rekindle my motivation this week by trusting in Him and living it out to those around me. The men we fellowship with each morning @ 5:30 is a great place to start.

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2 years ago

Good stuff Point Break. Appreciate your taking the Q from Flipper. My pleading was actually reverse psychology trying to get you to call burpees. Believe it or not. Great way to start the day. Solid message at the end of the backblast.

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