Smokey & the 53lb Bandit

Smokey & the 53lb Bandit

9 of my best friends (they just don’t know it yet) came out to Skunkworks this morning and followed me into the well-lit gloom.


The Seniors of Covenant Day were working on some sort of prank so the lot was especially busy this morning.


Smokey continues to confirm the “ages like wine” analogy and opted for Hoover’s 53lb monstrosity (remember to edit this out later so it doesn’t sound weird) & killed the workout.


The THANG – doesn’t matter buuuut…..

Warmup with swings & good mornings

Hill workout – Station 1, Station 2 (bottom of hill), Station3 (top of hill)

  1. 20 Swings -> 15 merkins -> 10 burpees – X3
  2. 10 jump squats -> 10 thrusters -> 10 diamond
  3. Partner – 20 deadlifts Partner 2 run

Fishbowl strength work

  • Variety of Wall Sit Marches, Mike Tyson’s, Shoulder Taps, Shoulder Presses, etc.

Partner catch me if you can back to home




Lot’s of mumble chatter at the beginning which eventually faded. Schmedium was talking “horse racing” for a solid 5 minutes, which is really hard for anyone to do. Unless your name is Bob Baffert and you’re on the phone with your horse’s….uhhh….pharmacist.


Cage came rolling in late but was certainly a fan favorite as a hoard of raucous school boys cheered when he skipped part of the workout and went over to greet them. I thought he was going to lay down the law because they were on school grounds off-hours…… Hops asked “Do you think he’s a cool teacher?” and I said “Apparently not”, but as he approached the kids he definitely received a warm welcome. By the way, Cage crushed the workout today…


The Lois/Hoover non-running combo worked out really well and they both modified but hung with the group the whole time. Both have stress fractures in their foots. They didn’t have enough fiberglass at the hospital to wrap Hoover’s foot so they gave him what looked to be a rear bumper from a 1996 Honda Civic for a few weeks which he took off since the last time I saw him.


The aforementioned Smokey was weighing which bell to use this morning (literally and figuratively) and opted for the jumbo. He didn’t complain once and destroyed that workout. I was going to warn him that we would be working pretty hard today but I wanted to see if he could do it. I think a new 53lb $180 KB (Covid prices) is in his future. I just bought my 53lb on the black market in Voodoo’s garage for a killer deal about 2 months ago…it’s old and beat-up but that’s the way I like it.

I can tell people fake stories of all of the times I’ve picked it up, and put it back down again, then picked it back up and so on.


Stone Cold stopped me a few times mid-cadence as we were moving toward some high reps at the end. With that tank top and those guns you really don’t want Stone Cold to have to tell you anything twice. I’ve heard stories of this guy laying out young bucks on the frisbee pitch who were wandering around the end zone trying to score a touchdown (???)


Chicken Wing was the winner today as far as speed, endurance go – he never stopped. Horsehead was also steadily keeping a nice pace although I heard him say something at the top of the hill that he did “10ish” burpees. Pretty sure that only earns him 2 apple pies today.


Beer Drinking Tomorrow (Wednesday) at 530pm at SEABOARD – HOOVER is Q and A51 drinking champion


Functional Fitness Challenge – 0700 on Saturday at Old Providence Elementary. Just come and find out how strong you are.

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