7’s, Indian Runs Through The Cemetery & Jack Webbs Oh My!

7’s, Indian Runs Through The Cemetery & Jack Webbs Oh My!


 WARM-UP * Mosey around Waxhaw Elementary Front Parking Lot

* Rocking night clubs * 20 Side Straddle Hops *Plank Position – Calf Stretches, Jack Knifes, Downward dog, Upward Dog.


* Mosey to left of school by buses to hill in the back for sevens:

Round 1: Top Hill – 1 Burpee / Bottom Hill – 6 (2 is 1) Speed Skaters, 2/5, 3/4, 4/3, 5/2, 6/1.

Round 2: Top Hill – 1 LBC / Bottom Hill – 6 (2 is 1) forward lunges, 2/5, 3/4, 4/3, 5/2, 6/1.

* Mosey across street to Arbor Drive then line up to do Indian Runs through cemetery down cemetery road. Once through cemetery and bear to left (Sharon Dr) do 5 squats at every mailbox all the way down to 1st intersection (Stark Lane). Then on way back up street do 1 Merkin at each mailbox. When get to the top of the hill back at cemetery did Indian Runs until at end of Arbor road. Then crossed back to front of school parking lot.

* Mosey Back to Front Parking Lot sidewalk for Jack Webb’s. 1 Merkin/4 Air Press..2/8, 3/12..up to 10/40.

* Mosey Back to COT for 54 squats as time expired.


Christ’s Closet – Sat. 5/15 – 9am-1pm – furniture clear out

Convergence – Mon. 5/17 – 5:15am Asylum & 6am Mental Health Speaker Coffeteria – Brooklyn Pizza – Wesley Chapel

Blood Drive – Sat. June 19th Blood Drive 9am – 1pm Five Stones Church


Chastain pulled up in his SUV before we started warm up asking where we were going as had to use port-o-potty in back of school and got back in record 5 minutes, as finishing stretches, and thankfully refused to make hand contact with us for remainder of workout, and then Chastain proceeded to explode out of the gates during sevens, along with Dunkin & Flip Phone setting the pace.

In Posse fashion on way out during Indian Runs through the cemetery told a scary story, and then on the way back told Chastain & myself, know he knows where he can bury us, as apparently he did not like our gazelle up-tempo pace😊

Welcome FNG – “Norm the Miner” (Will Regalado) who was brought out by Schedule C, as fellow Millbridge Resident that moved here from NJ back in August 2020 and was looking for Crossfit Gym and Schedule C, said I’ll pick you up at 4:50am and let’s try F3 first. Looking good after workout, as Norm the Miner asking to come out to workouts this Wednesday & Friday!

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