Tabata of Souls

Tabata of Souls

Eleven skunks decided to show up to the best kettlebell workout that involves movement in all of Area 51. While this is a good idea on any given Tuesday, it was especially a good idea today.

See, a few weeks ago, YHC landed on the injury list due to a yodeling incident at Mountain Goat. The yodeling happened when YHC hit a pothole unknowingly on the cool down and fractured his 5th metawhatist when his foot turned over. Tweetsie was there and can verify, well, he would have been able to today, but he was suspiciously out.

So, we have a peg-legged Q, swinging his M’s 20-lb bell. This is all fine.


  • 20 SSH IC (Q did windmills)
  • 10 swings OYO
  • 20 IW IC (Q actually did this)
  • 10 swings OYO
  • 10 merkins IC, right hand on bell
  • 10 merkins IC, left hand on bell
  • 10 swings OYO

Mosey to the one church entrance that isn’t under construction. Horsehead said something like it was part of the project to turn the worship center into a first-class football facility for Covenant Day. Maybe I misheard.

Main event:

Tabata, the forbidden dance. 20 seconds, 10 seconds rest, all set to a lovingly curated playlist.

Set 1:

  1. One-hand swings right
  2. One-hand swings left
  3. One-hand swings right
  4. One-hand swings left
  5. Good morning
  6. Upright row
  7. Good morning
  8. Upright row

Set 2:

  1. High-pull right
  2. High-pull left
  3. High-pull right
  4. High-pull left
  5. Squat
  6. Overhead press
  7. Squat
  8. Overhead press

Set 3:

  1. Curls (1-hand if you’re nasty)
  2. Curls
  3. Curls
  4. Curls
  5. Plank with pull-through
  6. Flutter press
  7. Plank with pull-through
  8. Flutter press

Set 4, oh, wait, I guess now is a good time to mention, in between sets, run up to Fullwood and back. Or, if you are under doctor’s orders not to run until the year 2027, speedwalk as best you can, turning around when you see Smokey make the turn to come back. Also, here at set 3, the halfway point, we did some stummich.

Okay, set 4:

  1. Snatch right
  2. Snatch left
  3. Snatch right
  4. Snatch left
  5. Lawn mower (underhand grip) right
  6. Lawn mower left
  7. Lawn mower right
  8. Lawn mower left

Set 5:

  1. Tricep extension
  2. Squat and hold with bell
  3. Triecps
  4. Squat and hold
  5. Cleans right
  6. Squat and hold
  7. Cleans left
  8. Squat and hold

Last one, praise be:

  1. Louganis
  2. American Hammer
  3. Louganis
  4. American Hammer
  5. Louganis
  6. American Hammer
  7. Louganis
  8. American Hammer

Mosey back to launch.


Counting, naming, praying.

Oh, set list for the tabata. This is curated, not just some random Spotify generated playlist, because YHC cares:

  1. ”Highway Star” – Deep Purple
  2. ”Whole Lotta Rosie” – AC/DC
  3. ”You Could be Mine” – Guns N’ Roses
  4. ”Big Guns” – Skid Row
  5. ”Kickstart my Heart” – Motley Crue
  6. ”Tornado of Souls” – Megadeth
  7. ”Rebel Yell” – Billy Idol

Admittedly, Billy Idol is a little out of place here on this predominately harder rock set list, but, it was late, and it was close enough to the oeuvre YHC was aiming for.


Last week, I did make my return to Skunk with my stylish walking boot (found it for cheap on the SNKRS app looking for some new Air Jordans). Stone Cold invited me to Q so that, obviously, I could be in control of how much movement took place.

I know tabata (is it “ta-BAH-ta” or “TA-BAH-ta”?) is a good standby. I tried to squeeze in all of the crowd favorites. I think everyone’s favorite curveball was the squat-and-hold. You get a new appreciation for how long 20 seconds is in that scenario.

Among the topics of discussion:

Smokey played golf. Stone Cold is not allowed to listen to Megadeth and wondered when the Gaither Bros were coming on the playlist. Someone moved up to a 40 or 45-lb bell … Funky? Also, based on the conversation, we are going to have to change the name of the group to F4 — Fitness. Fellowship. Faith. Frisbee.

In all seriousness, thanks to Stone Cold and Horsehead for the opportunity. In many ways, this morning is what F3 was all about. The ability for someone to step up and lead, despite extenuating circumstances, and the ability for us all to get better and have the fellowship that keeps us coming back.

I often tell my flag football kids to see every practice as an opportunity to get better — but realize that “getting better” so often comes in small doses, so learn to appreciate the small doses of progress as well as any big ones that come your way.

If you made it this far, congratulations. If you made it this far and you’re still thinking to yourself “did Lois use the word ‘oeuvre’ correctly?” Then double congrats on you.

Oh, and the answer to that question is “not really … just wanted to see who was paying attention.”

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2 months ago

Good Q Lois. We thought about making fun of that kettlebell when you pulled it out of your cupholder, but no sense in kicking a man while he’s barely able to kick back.

BTW, you don’t want to limit yourself to the Gaither bros. It’s an entire family experience. If you guys at Peak51 would get off of your butts and round up Freedom again, he could explain it all to us. I wonder if he regrew his mullet?

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