A Ghost Written BB

A Ghost Written BB

I don’t see Atlas as the backblast writing type.  I hope I’m wrong, but just in case I’m not…here is what we did at Blackhawk today.  If nothing else, perhaps he writes one too and I get double credit which will send Zinfandel (Zinfendell, Zinfindel, Zanfendelli?) into a tail spin of angry gifs which should make for a fun afternoon of beer drinking and catching up on GroupMe.  Now that I have that paragraph long run on sentence out of the way…here is what Atlas made us do.



Run.  We kept running.  I look down at my watch and we have gone .7 miles on this opening mosey with no end in site.  I let out the proverbial “Dad, are we there yet”, but all I got back was “No, quiet down back there”.   We finally reach 521 for some stretching, Merkins, the the worthless exercise known as imperial walkers (which offers no stretch, cardio, or muscle building movement, but I digress).

Another mosey towards the pickle ball courts enjoying the wonderful sky as we went (really, I’m a sucker for morning sunrises with pink, purple, and orange colors and we were treated to all three this morning).


21’s.  Really?  13’s are boring enough but he called 21’s. Ok.  Merkins starting the 1, run to other end of court for 20 squats and run backwards back to start.   We went until we got to 11 Merkins and 10 squats and he thankfully called it.  I was starting to lose my mind (I’m mentally weak).

Mosey to rock pile for rock work with runs in between.  Curls, tricep, presses were first round.  American Hammer, flutters, and chest presses were round two (yes with the rock). I found my rock too big for the American hammers so I simply split it in two with my bare hands (true story – apparently my large granite rock was ready to split).

Mosey to what naturally looks like the launch point (yet they don’t launch from there?) for 10 each of dips, irkins, and dirkins followed by a lap.  Repeato 3 times.

Bigger lap to get us back to the naturally looking launch point that they don’t launch from for 6 minutes of Mary.  LBC’s, Windshield Wipers, Jack Hammers, Boat Canoe, and In/Outs were called.

30 seconds left and Atlas called have a nice day.  I was repeatedly reminded by Shop that Have a Nice Day is for internal reflection and you have to close your mouth for that.



  • Lots of mumble chatter today – probably because I was there.  Started with Softball talk (Atlas and I’s daughters have played together before so we were comparing notes on this season), followed by the sky, into a quick electricity talk as we crossed under the 230kv line, quick mention of the humor that porta poty guys have when we noticed the name of the porta potty on site “Liquid Munn-E”, and finished up the mumble chatter talking pool install quotes and the price of lumber.  If you weren’t there, you missed out on a lot.
  • Gotta go coach Tee Ball.  Atlas write a BB too please and I will delete this one when you do.

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