Maybe 5 or 6

Maybe 5 or 6

Title was my expectation for number of pax. Far exceeded at 18, including YHC. Disclaimer given. Pretty full one, at that. Waffle House did point out that it really did not cover vehicles. Noted. Off we went.

We moseyed across 51 through campus to Stairwell 2 and up to the top. COP done at top with various exercises called in cadence to stretch out the Q’s legs. 2 weeks since last post with Spring Break and what not.

We ran to the bottom of the deck and did 3 repeats to the top. 1. 20 merkin/20 Jump Squat at bottom. 10 Burpees at top. 2. 6 CDD at each right turn. 3. Bear crawl 30 yards then AYG to top. Plank and mary after each rep.

Partner up at the benches in the middle of campus. Partner swap between running to Stairwells 1, 2, 3 and doing exercises at the benches.

Little bit of mary then run back to the launch lot. We did one or two things before we hit 0615. Done.



Been so long since I’ve seen Morning After I introduced myself. He also has longer hair. #kotters

Runstopper got warm and moist so he took off his quarter zip. That’s what we are looking for. Progress. He left the tights on. Also what we are hoping for.

After COP, when we were getting up to leave, someone unleashed some impressive flatulence. Not sure who, but it was verbally applauded (?). More simply, it was pretty impressive if 1/3 to 1/2 of pax made reference to it. Well done, nameless (to me) pax. Comment below.

Great group of men out there today. Pretty sure Mildew came out to Centurion for his first post about 4 years ago, if memory serves. Waffle House is a newer pax. He was crushing it all morning. Thanks to Clover for some free legal advice. Thanks to Lorax for taking us out. Continued prayers for Jennings Palmer. He needs to get his appetite back and fill his body with nutrients. Enjoyed it immensely, men. Thank you all for coming. Have a great weekend

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