Completing the Square with that guy from the Gazebo

Completing the Square with that guy from the Gazebo

On a beautiful morning in Downtown Matthews, nine Pax gathered to begin their journey. They would soon be joined by one……

Here’s what we did:

  • Mosey to the Mobility & More Parking lot and circle up
    •  Side Stradle Hope
    • Imperial Walkers
    • Mountain Climbers
  • Mosey toward the Pizza Peel benches- however there was someone already sitting there so didn’t want to scare her with this motley crew
  • Audible towards the stone circle near the Library- while ignoring the ominous snoring coming from the Gazebo
    • At the stone circle:
    • 10 Decline Merkins
    • 10 stepups (each leg)
    • 10 dips
    • Repeato, except incline Merkins
  • Mosey towards the corner of the Library- and we turn around to find that Safelite has joined us to bring us up to 10! Apparently he had been sleeping in the gazebo last night to ensure that he made it to Peak on time, and just missed his alarm. Much rejoicing was had, and we began the main Thang:
    • Begin a Four Corners ladder
      • Begin with Corner 1, with 10 merkins.
      • Run to Corner 2, and do 10 Carolina Dry Docks
      • Back to Corner 1 for merkins, then 2 for CDD, then add Corner 3 for 10 Burpees (ugh)
      • All the way back to corner one doing every exercise, then to corner 4 for LBCs (yes doing the exercises at every corner)
      • All the way back to the starting corner, hitting every station, and then to complete the square by running every corner, including corner 1 on the back end (exercise was 10 squats).
      • Run all the way back around the building, making sure to stop at every station.
      • Split up and run around the building to find Hot Corner, who went back for some more pain
  • Woof. From there, mosey back to Pizza Peel, and grab some wall
    • People’s Chair
    • People’s Chair with arm raises
    • People’s Chair holding arms straight out the entire duration
  • Back to Launch and finish up with some Mary




A good crowd out today for a good beatdown. The burpees on Corner #3 really helped to bring the pain for everyone.

Hot Corner joined us for his first site visit- Apparently F3 Mint Hill was trying to get in touch with their feelings or stretch or something and he wasn’t having any of it. He was out front steadily pacing us- and also loved the four corners so much, he went back for more. Glad to have you out, hope this is not your last visit to Peak.

Spammer also showed up for the first time! He’s become a consistent presence at Mountain Goat on Fridays (5:15 at South Charlotte Middle) and he decided to stretch his wings and fly onto bootcamp workouts. A lot less running today, with a lot more burpees.

Smokey and South Paw were out front leading the pack as usual. South Paw’s got the stride of an antelope- which helps trying to keep up with the force of nature that is Smokey.

Gullah and Beaver were looking strong the whole way. I hope to one day grow up to be as cool as Beaver- I would say the same about Gullah, but he roots for GA Southern, and that’s just gross.

I also have a confession- Safelite didn’t sleep in the gazebo. But upon arriving fashionably late, he proceeded to run around downtown Matthews until he found us (dedication!). Next time we’ll hide for the first 20 minutes so he ends up running around for 3-4 miles, and eventually has to link up with the Sparta guys.

Slim Fast and Sensei were there as well, talking through how to fix America’s broken political system, or determining the theological implications of different kinds of BBQ-  or something.

Prayer Requests

Continue to pray for Slim’s buddy Chris who is continuing  to recover from a stroke. He has made good progress but still has a long way to go.


Thanks Sensei and DAS BOOT (Lois) for letting me lead- always a pleasure to be in the Gloom!

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