Heals to heaven at church 6/43

Heals to heaven at church 6/43

YHC was concerned for the safety and well being of his flock of Pax this morning.  I am not sure flock is the correct term but you can correct me later.

The Thang:

Due to the shivering pax and the conern of frostbite at 48 degrees we moseyed for .5 miles to the church at the top of the hill.

Warm up SSH X 16 Canadian SSH X16

Moroccan night club X 20.

Hand release merkins X10

Low slow squats X 20

Teams of 3 hit the parking lines. Each team did 10 merkins at each line and while teammates did squats.

Finish and team who won got 10x heals to heaven and losers got 5 burpees.

Repeto with 10 heals to heaven and squats.

Flag carrier run back to school.

Found more parking spots and did more team stuff. Intentional vagueness on my part as YHC will be doing it again.

If you were there you would know😉.


Ye old moleskin.

This workout i stole from different guys and picked it together my on way. I hope that it helps and also makes you a little sore. Big Ben always hits the sprints hard and today no different.  That guy is really fast. Das boot was wondering what the heck i had planned and went along with me anyway.  One star started out looking OK but due to the ridiculous number of squats he is now gorgeous 😍.  Fredo looks like he did like 6000 merkins last month. What a freaking beast. Long haul is still looking for a challenge. This dude backwards ran to launch because his quads weren’t tired enough and Fredo joined him. Much respect for the respects.

Thanks for allowing me to lead.

CSAUPS sign up.

Prayers for premature 🙏



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