Sledge Can’t Get It Up (or keep it down)

Sledge Can’t Get It Up (or keep it down)

I originally was going to Q the Body Shop for my first time last November, but a bad knee kept everyone waiting with baited breath.  Today was the big reveal and…there were 3 of us.  Well, thank you to Das Boot and Long Haul for the support and great effort today…thank you!  If there was good banter between us I wouldn’t know because I was out of earshot being a hard six all morning long.  Honestly, this morning seems like a week ago, so I don’t remember the “can’t get it up” reference, but it wasn’t the obvious…what I can’t keep down, unfortunately, is my weight over the last few weeks.  Somehow I gained 5 pounds that have been hard to shed…well, I have no doubt it’s a blip and I’ll lose the weight (and more) steadily and soon.

No toilet paper roll Weinke this time…actually, nothing written at all, sort of made it up on the fly.  When I arrived to the site to see how the weather would change what I had in mind, I tested out some murder bunnies with a lifting rock…that doesn’t work…scratch that off the Weinke.  Das Boot shows up and now it’s 5:28 and I think it’ll be just us, then Long Haul pulls in to form today’s triumvirate.

DICCS are given and we Mosey along the side of the school in the parking lot and loop back near COT and it’s warm-up time.


25 SSH (in cadence)

20 Imperial Walkers (in cadence)

10  Potato-Pickers (in cadence)

Calf Stretch (10 count – flapjack)

Upward Dog (10 count)

Downward Dog (10 count)

The Thang

Ok…it’s lifting rock time…we each grab a plump lifting rock and head to the first street light to begin our journey up and back the entrance road.  We rifle carry our rocks up to the next street light, lay our rock down, run to the next street light and back to our rocks and do 5 Merkens.  We continue in this fashion up the road adding 5 Merkens as we go.  We max out at 25 Merkens, but we start again with 5 and get up to 15 again, I believe.  Once at the top of the road, we keep the same routine on our way back, but instead of rifle carrying, we Mosey while cradling the rock in one arm like a footbal and flap jack the rock each time we run.  Instead of Merkens, it’s Heels-to-Heaven.  This entire circuit takes much longer than I thought, so with 10 or so minutes to go, I audible.

We return our rocks and Mosey a real short distance and it’s Bobby Hurley and Dry Dock time – 20 each, in cadence, 2 times.

We Mosey another real short distance to the parking stalls and we Paula Abdul lunge walks and back with a bear crawl.  We get in about 3 sets and there’s less than 2 minutes…where’d the time go?

We Mosey back to COT for some low slow squats until time is called.

I was bracing for a good amount of rain this morning (and a tornado this afternoon), but neither came to fruition in Waxhaw.  Maybe it was too much St. Patrick’s Day fun last night that kept so many home this morning?


CPR Class on 3/29 at 6-8 at Five Stones (check with Surge and on GroupMe for sign-up info).

Rockwell is starting up cycling AO on April Fool’s Day at 5;30 in Walnut Creek on the Thread Trail with some 3rd F afterwards (reach out to Rockwell and check GroupMe for details).



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