S.O.T.H. – 5 years in

S.O.T.H. – 5 years in

On a Saturday, in February, 14 men showed up at 0700 (and 1 more showed up at 0703) just so a 6’8″ guy with an awkwardly colored beard could berate them into exercising with rocks and then running.  It was still slightly moist from the 3,597,097th day of rain that month and just warm enough to make you question wearing an extra layer.  But 15 men put in the work for a Saturday morning and got their weekend started off right.  The Q just tried to keep up.


Run to the grassy knoll.

1 burpee, IW, 1 burpee, Merkins, 1 burpee, Low Slow Squat, 1 burpee, Plank up: Peter Parker, Parker Peter, 1 burpee = 5 burpees

Mosey to the rock pile at the front of the church
Pick a Rock & Pick a partner, pick your nose, go to handicapped lot (insert joke here), Rifle Carry Rock around the circle

P1 – runs the loop w/rock or rifle carries the rock
P2 – Squat, Reverse Lunges, Rows, Good morning, Curls, OH Press, Tricep, Plank


5 Thrusters
Fast lap around the loop with rock
5 Thrusters
Rifle Carry Rock around loop
Repeat 5 times

25 4 count Rock flutter presses
25 weighted LBCs
10 Leuganis
Return rocks

Run to the hotbox, trash can relay, new partners
P1 runs to the last trash can and back
P2 dips, step ups, derkins
Back to launch, a couple of sprints and some merkins sprinkled in, get us to 3 miles

Mary, to run the clock out


State of the Hoover

5 years of F3.  Somedays there is a lifetime between then and now, other days it’s “What did I do before F3?”  Same thing I say about my kids.

I could tell you a whole story of how F3 changed my life and made me a better person.  (spoiler alert: It has and jury’s still out).  But I’ll keep it simple.  I remember things I did before F3 but I don’t remember or understand my routines from before F3.  For example, I woke up this Sunday not hungover from bad late-night decisions, and ran almost 7 miles.  5 years back, 7 miles was a joke and there was always a pack of cigarettes hiding in the garage.  One step at a time, to the tune of over 3,500 miles, things changed and life got better.  A quality of life that comes from being active and accountability from working with other like-minded men.

This isn’t a journey I undertook on my own.  Big thanks to a lot of people over the past years.  Too many to list and I’d probably forget someone.  But I couldn’t talk about 5 years of F3 without calling out Boerewors.  It was his EH that got me started on this journey and he’s been a great friend all along the way.  Dankie

Let’s see what another 5 years will change.


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