Do More Pull Ups

Do More Pull Ups

Eight men gathered under the house that Haggis built for Stonehenge.  For YHC, it was my first time back in quite a while having been a DaVinci man for some time now.  But Stonehenge started it all for SOB and it is awesome to go back.  We had a good go of it:

Warm Up: Mosey to Wells Fargo lot for 20 SSH IC, Arm Circles, 5 burpees OYO, minimal yoga, 20 mountain climbers IC.

Mosey to Lochness for Part 1 of the main event. 5 rounds of pull ups: max, max-1, max-2, max-3, max -4.  In between, get enough “recovery” to be able to complete the reps.  Round 1 = a lap with stops for 15 jump ups and 20 low slow squats, then 15 jump ups and 10 split squats. (It was here we encountered a a couple of party goers enjoying a pinch of the wacky tobacky.  They wouldn’t give us any.)  Round 2 = a lap with stops for 20 flutters and 10 slow dollies, then 20 American Hammers and 10 LBCs (the tokers had left.)  Round 3 = a lap with stops for 10 derkins/10 dips IC, then 10 inclines merkins/10 dips IC.  Round 4 = run a lap and meet up for Mary.

Mosey to Bagpipe Hill for Part 2.  Partner up.  Partner 1 backwards bear crawl up hill toward the BofA sign.  P2 run backwards up the grass hill, then run to catch your partner and flapjack.  Go until you reach the Bank of America sign.  Next round – P1 forwards bear crawl up the hill, P2 10 jump squats, run to catch your partner and flapjack.  Go until we reach the bridge.

Finish it up with a mosey home and three stops for 10 “low slow CDDs” IC and 20 big boi sit ups.  2 minutes of planking back at launch.  We covered just over four miles total.

Announcements: Blood drive Friday October 23.

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