The Indian Run/Hop/Crawl/etc.

  • When:01/02/13
  • QIC: The Shore
  • The PAX: The Shore (Ruck), Stone Cold (Ruck), 49er (Ruck), Run Stopper (Ruck), Monkey Joe, Harley, Uncle Leo, Pinstripes, Bulldog, Frost Bite (FNG - Elliot), Thin Crust, Young Love, Luther (FNG - Allen Lexigram), Short Sale, Smash, Bratwurst, Bugeater, ZipADee

The Indian Run/Hop/Crawl/etc.

18 men entered the dark gloom for some Indian Run style activities.

The Thang:

2 lines – Standard Indian Run, 1/4 mile

Karyoke Indian Run, 1/4 mile

Backward Run Indian Run, 1/4 mile

Australian Peel Back (APB) – the line lunges, the peel backer bear crawls, 50 yards

APB – the line backward lunges, the backer peels/bear crawls up front, 50 yards

Line – elbow plank, backer hops the legs to the front, close to 100 yards

APB – the line squat walks, the peel backer crab walks, 50 yards

APB – the line backward squat walks, the backer peels/crab walks to the front, 50 yards

Line – a$$-up plank, backer low crawls through the tunnel to the front, 100 yards

Buddy-Up Indian “Run” – the line wheelbarrows, the back Fireman’s Carry’s their way to the front

COP – each man runs around the circle, one at a time, exercise changes with each lap

Plank, Left hand high, Left leg high, Left hand high, Plank, Right hand high, Right Leg high, Right hand high, Regular, Recover, LBC, Flutter, Dolly, Rosalita, Bicycle, LBC, Russian Twist x 2

Indian Run 1/4 mile and back to parking lot

The Moleskin:

YHC had much fun devising this one for this morning. Hope all enjoyed the work.

Welcome to two FNG’s this morning! Luther, EH’ed by the Mighty Lance, named after Lex Luther. And Elliot, brought in by Stone Cold, encouraged by Ice Hole, and named for his alma mater’s namesake crossing of the Delaware and said effect on the Revolutionaries fingers and toes. Great to have you both aboard. It only gets easier from here.

The wet weather made for some sloppy play. I think it was Young Love who took a spill while encircling the COP providing some much needed comic relief during a time of struggle.

The Buddy-Up Indian Run did not go as smooth as I had hoped (at least 2 more rounds were planned). Not sure which part through us off, the wheelbarrow or the Fireman’s carry. Both need work though

50 yards may not sound like much, but in an Australian Peel Back, the front of the line keeps whittling away and so progress is slow indeed. It seems like we could have kept lunging in one place forever, but I guess that’s the point when your line is attacking the enemy and you need to maintain a constant onslaught of fire.


Devil’s Turn tomorrow morning, 5:15 or 5:30. GoRuck team training (though rucks are not required, all are welcome). Miles will be covered, coupons will be carried

Saturday, Area 51 is on at 7am. The Rock is off. And Stonehenge officially launches at 6:30 somewhere near those big stone statues in Ballantyne.

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11 years ago

Workout sounds awesome, I’ll definitely be plagiarising this one!

Run Stopper
Run Stopper
Reply to  Skipper
11 years ago

It was a #BEATDOWN in the Valley. Great Leadership by the Shore.

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