The return of the 3 headed dog

The return of the 3 headed dog

6 Men posted at Cerberus this morning for the first edition post quarantine.  Lots of pent up energy.  Solid disclaimer with the new inclusion to not touch anyone or touch anything that someone else touched.  Seemed legally binding to me.

Mosey over to the Mattress Firm which at 5:30 AM had as many cars in the lot as they do on their busiest days.  #MoneyLaunderingScheme.  SSH, IW’s, Mountain Climbers, Merkins, and Shoulder taps.

Run to a hill – 10 merkins at top, 1o burpees at bottom – three times

Some dips and walking lunges while the six came in.

Run to another hill – The enhanced triple nickel – with multiplier.  5 Jump Squats at top, 5 Monkey Humpers at bottom.  Multiply reps by the round – 10, 15, 20 , and 25 counts.  Lots of compliments from the PAX on this set.  Then do some Mary.

Run to another hill – 10 wide arm merkins at top, 10 6-inch plank jacks at the bottom – three times.  Then Mary.

Run to the parking deck for some stairs.  Enhanced triple nickel.  5 dragon flags at the top, 5 donkey kicks at the bottom.  Multiply reps by round.

A few 8-count body-builders while we waited on the 6.

Run back to cars.


First time back on the Q docket in a while and a great group of guys out there to lead.  Transporter started off crushing it but then his internal temperature hit 150 degrees with the gloves and sweatshirt so that slowed him down.  McGee wore his “tough guy, I fell off a Mountain Bike and tore this shirt” shirt.  Snowflake was all business as usual with the non-stop motor.  Apparently this was a much harder workout for Fredo than neighborhood walks with the dog.  And Taco stand walked a tight rope of wanteding to throw up most of the workout.  But he kept it under control.

Thanks to McGee for the takeout.



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