Star Wars: The Next Generation

Star Wars: The Next Generation

3 pax showed up for a legal thriller in the gloom. Posse and I took a quick warm-up lap shortly before the workout, and Posse declared with certainty of a prophecy, “more will come.” Sure enough, Frack pulled in about 15 seconds later. DICCS was given, and we’re off.

  • Warm up
    • 15 ssh
    • 15 merkins
    • calf stretch
  • Starting from the Middle School entrance
    • 15 mike tysons, and run to Deal Rd
    • 15 bobby hurleys, and run back to start
    • 3 rounds
  • Moseyed to the bus parking lot… and then ran back to the entrance, as Frack hates moist asphalt.
    • Semi-partner work
    • Partner 1:exercise, Partner 2: bearcrawl to trash can and mosey back
    • 100 WWII sit-ups, 150 gas pumps, 200 dips
  • Mosey to Elementary School entrance
    • From there, Posse leds us on a brief excursion to search for new vistas for future Homecomings
  • Back to Elementary School entrance
    • Lungewalk indian run
      • Everyone lungewalks in a line
      • Person inĀ  back does a burpee and lungewalks to the front
  • Starting at the “8” pillar at the Elementary School
    • 8 burpees, bearcrawl to every other pillar, 7 burpees, etc.
  • Mosey back to Middle School entrance
    • Jack webbs
  • Mosey back to start
    • laps across parking lot
    • 5 burpees on the first side
    • 20 speed skaters on the other
    • We got in 2.5 laps

I believe Posse and I learned quite a bit about Frack this morning, from his unique method of “sweating”, to a shocking absence of pop culture knowledge including Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, Twilight Zone, and maybe Rocky (don’t believe Posse got a direct answer on that one). Still everyone pushed it, though I’m quite happy to say I did not get Frack to “sweat.”

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