Titles? We don’t need no stinking titles …

Titles? We don’t need no stinking titles …

12 (not yet ill-tempered) men showed for this week’s episode of Joust.  YHC pulled into the parking lot around 0520 at Charlotte Christian expecting a small number of pax to show (4 – 6 including YHC).  To YHCs surprise we got over double digits without the promise of ultimate frisbee.  Ductwork, the dependable site-Q, rolled in at 05:29:30 making sure our 6 was covered.  YHC gave a disclaimer that started with “I’m not a professional”, mentioned that these were all “suggested exercises”, and to “modify as needed” for those coming off IR, and ended with something along the lines of “this is going to be rough”.  Mr. Brady started having second thoughts after YHC said that but by then we were off.


The Thang:

Run parallel to Sardis to the end of the parking lot.  Hold a 20 second plank.  Round the island at 70% and get to the crosswalk in the parking lot then crank it up to 100% down to the stop sign.  Spackler was calling for the IW’s and YHC happened to have them on the weinke.  20 IW IC (and a demonstration to ensure good form).  Mosey around to the pick-up/drop-off lane for suicides.  Run to first island, 5 merkins back to start, run to the second island for 5 merkins and back to the start, rinse and repeat to the end of the parking lot (dependable site-Q Ductwork pointed out it looked way easier on Google Maps).

After everyone was sufficiently gassed, mosey to the well-lit walkway that runs to the football field.  Lunge walk 10 strides (each leg), Bear Crawl 10 strides (each leg), then mosey down to the end of the walkway.

Grab some wall for the People’s Chair.  Jack Webb air presses/burpees, 4:1 to 5 burpees and back down to 1.  This was a real crowd pleaser.

Walk to the 4 squares.  Split into 2 groups, get to a corner or a spot where the lines intersect, plank up and do 1 merkin, shuffle in plank to the right, 2 merkins, keep shuffling and at each intersection or corner up the merkin count by one until you’ve visited all corners/intersections.  Again, a real crowd pleaser.

Mosey over to the playground, partner up.  P1 does pull-ups and P2 does dips, sets of 5 to 10 each with a goal of a combined 100 dips and 50 pull-ups.

Mosey down to the field and line up on the end zone.  Bear crawl to the 10, crab walk to the 20, bear crawl back to the 10, crab walk back to the end zone.  Lunge to the 10, Sprint to the 30, lunge walk to the 20, sprint back to the end zone.  Gassers, to the 20 and back, 40 and back, opposite 40 and back, opposite 20 and back, then opposite endzone and back.  Mosey back to a parking lot (not the parking lot), pick up Smokey’s hat, and do a modified version of the suicides but this time with squats.  Mosey back to the cars, endex.


Moleskinny of trifusenick proportions:  Great work out there today, men.  2.5 miles by my Strava.  YHC was very surprised to see 12 at Joust.  Maybe it was the tease of no ultimate frisbee, maybe not.  Whatever the reason, YHC is thankful for the participation and the opportunity to lead.  Welcome back Baracus to a bootcamp #Cotters after IR.  Not sure if he modified but he was looking strong this morning.  2/3 of the trifusenik was in attendance and the mumble-chatter was there too.  Thankfully Semi-Gloss kept his shirt on and Spackler was out front for most of the runs, but #refuseniked the burpees.  Marge was a surprise as I thought he was Mermaid’s backup for the Centurion Q, happy to have you, brother.  Some new faces for me today with Heartbreaker and Slumdog.  Mr. Brady thought that was a terrible workout, it’s on tape.

Sound off in the comments below with additional shenanigans.

No announcements.

Thanks to Sanka for the take-out.

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4 years ago

My pecs hurt just from reading this backblast. Nice work, Hoover.

4 years ago

Funny thing that Slumdog and I figured out that we were in the same fraternity at USC at generally the same time. Think he was 3 years behind me. Fairly certain he had cleaned my house, done my laundry (he probably pissed in the load too), washed my car, given me his pledge change etc at one point in time. Slumdog is an F3 vet by now so the next comment isn’t directed towards him but we should treat new F3 guys as pledges for a couple months. My Tahoe is nasty.

4 years ago

That was an arm smoker, Hoover. Really, really, really, really enjoyed the suicides.
It was great to see Baracus, Sanka, Mr. Brady and Heartbreaker back at Joust too.
And I agree with Spackler on the FNG pledges… he may be on to something there. Hmmm

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