Getting in the way of the 6AM shift at Whole Foods

Getting in the way of the 6AM shift at Whole Foods

Start of WAMRAP 2020 today.  Come join us if you want to get better.  Here’s what we did today.

Run to back of Whole Foods.

Lunge Walk 25 yards

Run to railings

5 Supine Pull ups and 5 Derkins with feet on the rail

Back behind Whole Foods to Lunge Walk 25 yards

Run up the deck stairs.  5 burpees on Level 4, 5 Heels to Heaven on Level 3, 5 Donkey Kicks on Level 2.  Back to the bottom and head out behind Whole Foods.  Start over with 25-yard Lunge Walk

Add 5 reps each round.  All men were on or complete with the 6th round when time was called.


Back of Whole Foods had a lot of traffic for the arriving 6am shift.  Clearly quick decision making isn’t part of the training program at WF as most of the cars struggled to decide on where to park in an empty parking lot.  Hot Yoga making himself a permanent fixture at WAMRAP, showing up and grinding nearly every week.  Fingerless glove Job did not get full gloves for Christmas.  Must have missed being on the good list.  Surely he enjoyed grabbing that iron railing for pull ups.  Astro posting back regularly to build back some upper body after a long fall of run-only workouts.  For some reason Horsehead couldn’t find a more appealing option and posted at WAMRAP.  I don’t think he enjoyed all the burpees, but good to have him out.


Thanks to Astro for the takeout.



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4 years ago

This looks hideous. Nice work, Alf.

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