Do we need gloves?

Do we need gloves?

5 of Area 51’s most seasoned PAX gathered in the gloom for the 2020 kick-off to the Joust season.  Not 2 minutes in and the questions about the next day of Ultimate had begun.  YHC deflected those questions (and plans) very quickly as we set off to tour the great campus that is Charlotte Christian.  Here’s what went down:

Mosey/Warm-up Lap in the upper parking lots, return to launch for COP:

  • IW x 15 IC
  • Squat x 15 IC
  • Mountain Climbers x 15 IC

Main event was a big lap around the campus, with some pain station stops along the way.  Starting at the launch, run down the parking lot, towards the field house and up the stairs to the press box.  From the press box, run up the hill to the playground.  From the playground run back down the hill, around Puddin’ Pop corner, then to the “Sally” ramp (the Joust regulars know what I’m talking about).  From the ramp, back around the buildings to the cafeteria entrance.

Laps 1 and 2: Press Box = 15 CDDs | Playground = 10 Pull=ups | Sally Ramp = Bear Crawl up | Cafeteria = 25 LBCs

Lap 3: Press Box = 20 Shoulder Taps | Playground = 10 Pulls-ups | Sally Ramp = Bear Crawl up | Cafeteria = 25 WW2 Sit-ups

Lap 4: Press Box = 15 Derkins | Playground = 10 Pulls-ups | Sally Ramp = Backwards Bear Crawl up | Cafeteria = 30 Alternating Crunches (are whatever those elbow-to-opposite knee crunches are called).

Mosey/Cool-down Lap in the lower parking lot, return to launch for COT.


Excellent work put in by everyone today.  Stone Cold was questioning his need for gloves, to which YHC replied “our hands won’t touch the ground too much.”  Clearly a Q fail as we hit the sidewalks and playground bars pretty hard today.  Even without gloves, SC was hanging tough and killing it on those pull-ups.  Smokey is a cyborg… YHC only hopes to be that fit and that fast at the age of RESPECT.  Funky Cold came in hot but pushed hard all morning and was also out front on most of the running sections.  Slumdog, even with the hunger pangs of his new Keto diet, kept pace the entire morning.  3.3 miles in total.  Backwards bear crawls were by far the crowd favorite; we avoided Grandma (thankfully); and the PAX stayed relatively dry.

Prayers lifted for Peyton, an acquaintance of Smokey’s, for medical healing; and for the USA & Middle East turmoil.

Always an honor to lead at Joust.  Very much appreciate the PAX who posted to kick-off 2020.

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