Solid groups of fellas ranging from 12 to Respect. We covered 2.3 miles and did a healthy helping of ‘mericans, and assorted bootcamp bassery. Depite less than ideal conditions, this crew kept the mumble to a minimum and put a solid effort.

Side straddle, Imperial Walker and Steve Earls

Head in the direction the elementary school, stop for Wheel-O-‘mercan. (that’s 60 to star your day.)

Set 1
7s – Burpees and pull-ups then a school lap

Set 2
BLIMPS with hose
7 Teams of 2.
Team 1 – burpees
Team 2 – Lunges
Team 3 – Imperial walkers
Team 4 – ‘mericans
Team 5 – Plank jacks
Team 6 – Squats
Team 7 – Run the hose to mailbox and back
when the hose team gets back to start, rotate to the next station
Rinse and repeat
Run another school lap

Set 3
10 Bobby Hurleys —> 10 Single-leg Roman deadlift (each leg)
Rinse and repeat
Bear crawl across the parking lot

Set 4
‘merican / LBC ladder
10 and 10 to 1 an 1
Mary to finish

Wild Turkey, Shop Dawg, Hi-hat, JWoww, Rubbermaid, Doughboy, Deep dish, Breadbowl, Turnbuckle, Blades of Glory, On time, Run Flat

First off, thanks to Rubbermaid for the invite. We recently completed a 50k together, well not really together because his time was far better than min. Anyway, he’s been a good and generous friend. He gave me great insight into the AO, the pax and even showed up early to give me a tour. Plus, he brought the hose!

Next, we heard in COT about another friend on the verge of suicide. For many people, this world can be a difficult place. Please know there is NOTHING so bad that won’t pass. Also know there is a community in F3 that can help you, listen and genuinely cares about you. This is more than a workout.

Speaking of more than a workout, cheers to the community clean-up crew this morning!!

Enjoy this advent season. There is a message in the season of patience.

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