Why did you all come?

Why did you all come?

34 degrees and rain. Doesn’t get much worse than that. There was a corner of me that was hoping know one else would show, but good men like Horsehead and Turkey Leg are not going to let the Q off the hook because of a little chilly rain.

Disclaimer – none. Ain’t got time for that.

First Exercise – Dive out of cars at the strike of 5:30, high tail it to the pavilion picking up a lifting rock along the way.

Some COP warm up calisthenics.

Then various unsavory things with and without the rock. Including curls, presses, burpees, incline merkins, decline merkins, regular merkins, little haze, dips, good mornings, louganis, flutter, heels to heaven, back scratcher, squats, calf raises, and maybe some other things in random order.

Horsehead with the take out in the Pavilion followed by the dash back to the car, dropping the rock on the way. In the car and on the road by 6:17.


Horsehead brought his book bag of tunes. Although I’m not sure he knew how to use it. It sounded like a mash up of free and trial versions of SiriusAmazonSpotifyPandora, but I think it was mostly the OG of streaming: Muzac. The kind of instrumental soft pop and classic rock piped through department stores cluttered with going out of business sales.

I think TL and HH really enjoyed the rock work. The 34 degree rocks are basically like working out with a block of ice. The thin Home Depot Black Friday sale gloves weren’t really slowing the frost bite. In between the rock sets we hit the bench for some little Haze step ups. HH and TL complained about the post long distance run training weight gain. TL said he gained ten pounds which now gets him on almost all the adult rides at Carowinds. 5 more pounds and is hitting the Fury. HH said it was mostly his fault, he’s a master refusnik without actually being on team Trifusnik #FreeAgent. Running is the only thing that keeps him honest.

Thanks for joining me this morning.


Announcements: Workout Q’s post in bad weather so should you.

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4 years ago

Nice work Gents!

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