Trans-Siberian Chestnut Roasters – HO!!

Trans-Siberian Chestnut Roasters – HO!!

24 showed up with sleeves, hats, and even face masks (Tagalong, Mic Check), but about halfway through many layers were being peeled off – thankfully not quite stripped to the point of Taco Stand’s goal after he climbs Mount Kilimanjaro #HadMeUntilNaked.

Disclaimer given (not a pro, suggestions, modify, don’t sue)

The Thang:

-Limbered up/jogged through parking lots with butt kicks, knees, side, carioca, backward, etc.

-Circled for Mtn Climb, Merkin, Imperial Squat Walkers, and Trans Siberian Chestnut Roasters – HO!!!

-15 minute AMRAP course (front of Target to back over hill):

  • 10 chin ups under cart rack, 10 jump squats
  • 10 Diamond Merkins, 10 Real Sit ups
  • 10 Donkey Kicks
  • (up over hill) 10 Wide Arm Merkins, 10 Superman

-Partner Up – 6 speed bumps…partner 1 does 10 Ab/Leg/Throws and 10 Plank/Derkins on bumps 1, 3, 5, then FlapJack on bumps 2, 4, 6. (Plank & Al Gore for the six.)

-Home Stretch – All You Got (in honor of Doc McStuffins) – 10 plank jacks half way, then 10 6-inches plank jacks at the end. (Doc loves to call those things, and I love/hate them)

-Brief Mary to close out


Sorry YHC may have departed AO a minute early – frankly I get anxious anytime Frehley’s is there because he starts grouching about launching on time & ending on time so he can get back home for a pipe and Matlock reruns. Also, sorry also to disappoint with no “Ya” of Bulgarian Ball Busters…but hopefully distant cousin of Tran Siberian Chestnut Roasters “HO!” was okay for today. Just when anyone thought they were tough for showing up in the cold, Taco Stand sauntered in all lathered up, smiling, wearing a weight vest, after running from home. And LongHaul clearly was out after it, skating up the grass hill like Gretzky in the rink. How MorningAfter’s sweatshirt from 1991 hasn’t disintegrated by now is a miracle (as Wingman pointed out, he is so Visco Girl…but really Visco before Visco was a thing – like Neil Young was grunge before Grunge was a thing). Thanks Big Tuna for suggesting we move at the end from the street sweeper – staying put may have ended a great workout very poorly. Kotters to Olaf – haven’t seen it yet but I guess since Frozen II is out that means Olaf has to be back. Welcome back Dolphin, who is down in weight the equivalent of a full Fredo, and was clearly still ready to work when he called 10 burpees at the end for “cool down.”


  • Taco Stand will do Mount Kilimanjaro climb for charity, more to come including event next Thursday at Middle James Brew for info. He will remain clothed.
  • Watch for Convergence over holidays, including Hawks Nest/Bagpipe “home & home” on 12/24 and 12/31.
  • Hope had great reminder that this is important time of year to EH new guys or get Kotters back – lots of parties & resolutions to change.

But how much will other really change if they are not part of a group like this???

Always an honor to lead. Great work all.

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4 years ago

Solid Q, Bucky. You did launch early…but I was glad to miss the hop, skip, jump warmup that I saw up ahead. Limbering the pax up for the Trans-Siberian blah-blah-blah apparently.
Some other observations from this morning’s downpainment:

* Pretty sure I might have tweaked a hammy on the Superman’s. Anyone else? Due to poor form?
* The Wisconsin contingent continues to grow. Didn’t know Circuit City was a Cheesehead. There can’t be many of you left in the Dairyland.
* I’ve no idea what Loogie was doing during COP when merkins were called.
* Also thought I saw Patent Pending hitching a ride on a couple of the delivery trucks back over to the shopping cart racks…or was that Teddy?
* Need to get back to RY more often – great to see lots of pax I’d not seen in months – Young Cooter, Dolphin & Fredo to name a few.
By the way, Old Cooter wrested the LIFO title from my paws…War Eagle can vouch for me on that one.

4 years ago

Hops — that would be an exercise I like to call “Physical Therapy.” You’ll understand when you’re older.

Reply to  Loogie
4 years ago

I knew you were a respect. No way you’re only 48

Reply to  Hops
4 years ago

Respect your elders, sonny

4 years ago

Hops – I’m 100% sure the tweaked hammy was from watching others with poor Superman form, not from your own. You should lead a Superman training one day soon – AND speaking of, no one mentioned your 8th year anniversary – VERY strong my friend!!
Bucky always entertains when on Q, not surprised by the disappointment of the absence of the Bulgarian Ball busters…fan favorite.
And this is just funny…Welcome back Dolphin, who is down in weight the equivalent of a full Fredo

4 years ago

Point of clarification: Are we taking about Taco Stand getting naked when he climbs Mt. Kili? Or are we talking about the guy he’s climbing with whose name is Macon? Hopefully he’s not getting naked with Macon. 😂

Reply to  Cooter2
4 years ago

Let’s stop with the visual of Taco Stand naked in any context. Fair enough? Let’s not ruin the holidays

Reply to  Bucky
4 years ago


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