Oops! Back, back, backblast

Oops! Back, back, backblast

Warm-up: Ran to courtyard with 1/2 circle of turf. Did 15 each of side straddle hop, imperial walker, low slow squat, and mountain climber. Ended the warm-up with a lunge walk around the turf.

1st Series:  Ran to north parking lot. There ran with four stops, 1st stop 20 merkins, 2nd 20 LBCs, 3rd 20 squats, 4th 20 heels to heaven. Repeated three times with reps of 15, then 10, and finished with 5 each, followed by plank until all finished. Next ran to hot box.

2nd Series:  At the hot box we partnered with the 1st partner doing step ups and 2nd partner running around the light pole in the center of the parking lot and returning to the hot box to switch with partner.  Repeated two more times with dips and then incline or decline merkins. 

3rd Series:  Ran to the rock pile past the cemetery.  There each got a lifting rock and carried them to the nearest parking lot.  We started with 15 curls.  Then we ran to three islands in the parking lot circling back to our rocks.  At each island we stopped and did ascending burpees starting with 1 at the first and ending with 5 on the circle back of that island.  Back at the rocks we did 15 presses and then repeated the burpee trail.  Returning again to the rocks we did 15 triceps and repeated for a final time the burpee trail.  We were careful to place the rocks in the grass and not on the parking lot to prevent the rocks from being damaged by passing cars. 

4th Series:  From the rock pile we ran back to the southern tip of the eastern parking lot where we finished with a set of Mary’s followed by a run uphill to the end of the parking lot and back, and repeating several times until time expired. 

Closing: Jet Fuel said the prayer for the group and we all wished each other a Happy Thanksgiving.

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