Blazing Sandals

Blazing Sandals

Written by Big 10; posted courtesy of Chastain

With Thanksgiving in the books, and Black Friday here this was the perfect time to flip the script to Spring. Well, at least for Legal Zoom who showed up looking like a hippie from Boulder, CO with socks and sandals. After this initial shock, the rest of the PAX put down the pipes and tie-dye shirts and decided to get some of the gravy and stuffing out of their systems. Won’t lie, this was not easy and kudos to the boys who set down the pie for 45 minutes of weirdness for 14 dudes.

The Thang:
DiCCS was given, although Brutus was too full of jokes to listen. But he’s done this before so he gets a pass. Quick tutelage of the course and off we went paired in twos.
A series of stations to run through. Timer was fat tire (not the beer) flips back and forth on a short course.
-Jump rope (to satisfy Zinfandel and his cardio bias) 
-Take your Pick. 12 pound dumb bell punches or fly extensions
-Rubber band pulls
-Coupon shoulder lifts
-Take your Pick: Big boys with slam balls or squats.
-Bent over rows with coupons
-10 pound bicep curls

3 full rounds of this with a Black Friday special speed round. Hey, let’s circle up to kick this workout in the can.
-Circle plank with 2 push ups each X 2.
-30 Flutters
-26 Carolina Dry Docks
-15ish SSH for 13 PAX, one abstained. I don’t want to call this person out. 

Great group today that helped me get over my postpartum of the Great DD Goose incident a couple years back. Also thanks to Chastain and Brutus for coaching me up and to all the fellas that helped load and unload the gear. Appreciate you boys! Thank you to Mad Dog for taking us out. 
-Weddington HS still needs volunteers for concessions. Contact Posse if you want to lend a hand.
-Homecoming Site tomorrow at Weddington Middle School tomorrow at 6:30am. Do NOT park at the High School. 
-Volunteers for Diesel always in demand. Good way to get some Q experience. Even I could do it. Bar is low. 

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