#For Toby (Virtual)

#For Toby (Virtual)

As I woke up this morning with the forecast calling for rain would I be completing a solo ruck or would other lunatics join me for an adventure.

Today 5 Pax from Waxhaw joined me on the virtual #forToby ruck in South Charlotte. For those that do not know Toby was part of F3 Cape Fear who took his life in early October. F3 Cape Fear started a fundraiser for his family and a ruck in Wrightsville Beach for this morning. Knowing we are all family in an attempt to raise awareness I put together a virtual ruck for this morning. The CDC states one person dies by suicide every 12 minutes in the US.

Today along the 12 miles in the gloom and pouring down rain we grew closer, told stories, and laughed. We learned wet bridges are slippery when wet and covered in leaves as well.

After about the 8 mile mark we arrived back at the trail head to Hickory Tavern. We lost 2 Pax and the rest kept moving to round out the 12 miles. Did I mention the rain, this was Forest Gump Rain, rain came down, from the left and right, then started coming up towards the end. We finished the ruck, headed to Hickory Tavern for some 2nd F and more stories.

Overall today was a great time considering the reason for the ruck. We all got to know each other a little more, some of which will be used in the future on The Playhouse when the time is right.

We all have our issues, no one is perfect. if you need to talk reach out to someone close to you. If you see someone struggling reach out, get out of your comfort zone have the talk and be there for him.

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