Cold, wet grass… MY BAD!

  • When:11/20/2019
  • QIC: Rockwell

Cold, wet grass… MY BAD!

When: 11/20/19

QIC: Rockwell

The PAX: Rudy, Schneider, Carb Load, Chain Saw, Spike, High Hat, Sausage Party, Drop Cloth, Loafer, Ricky Bobby, Gaylord, Fuse Box, Rockwell.

Is there any better way to get your Hump Day started?!  For me, the Chiseled gear workout is an awesome mid-week change of pace from some of the running you may get at other sites.  You can’t go wrong mixing in some strength training along with cardio. 

13 strong men posted on this crisp morning with the temperature hovering around 40 degrees.  A shout out to Fuse Box for showing up a tad early to assist me with gear set up.  The disclaimer was given and we were off… 

Here’s what went down:


Mosey run up to Cuthbertson Rd and down to Mt. Chiseled. 

This felt like everyone was chasing Rudy!  He claimed he was just “trying to stay warm” but he was on a mission during the warm up run… nice work!

Circle Up

              SSHs x 20

              Imperial Walkers x 20

              Plank Jacks x 20

              Mountain Climbers x 20

              LBCs x 20


Bear Crawl up and over Mt. Chiseled

       Lots of moaning and groaning on this.  Not because it was hard but because it was cold, and the              grass was wet.  MY BAD!  I’ll think things through a little better next time!

Run to gear stations

Now that our gloves are cold and wet – each Pax picks a station.

The timer is Burpee Broad Jumps and each Pax does each station in rotating fashion. 

Stations are:

  • Jump Rope
  • Tire Drag
  • Kettle Bell Swings
  • V-Ups with Heavy Ball
  • Dumb Bell Curls
  • Tricep Press
  • Moroccan Night Clubs w/ Bricks
  • Sand Bag Lateral Pulls with Peter Parker’s
  • Curl to Press w/ Cinder Block
  • Bobby Hurley’s
  • Merkins
  • Flutters

Every Pax completed 2 rounds of this.

Mosey back to COT for a few minutes of Mary

Thanks for the great push by everyone and thank you for the opportunity to Q.  It’s an honor each time I get to lead this group of great men.


  • This Saturday (November 23rd) Ruck for F3 Cape Fear – Toby, Leaving Hickory Tavern in Ballantyne at 8:00 am.  Bring a backpack with 20 lbs. of weight and walk the route. 

Thank you Spike taking us out!

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