“That’s too fast!”

“That’s too fast!”

OMG, it was cold! 29 degrees, meaning it was the coldest morning of Fall 2019 to date. Nonetheless, 7 absolute, undeniable studs showed up for this week’s episode of Rock Zero. Important stat……4 dudes wore shorts. 3 dudes wore tights. I’ll be honest, I only wore shorts because I couldn’t find my tights and didn’t want to wake up my M by searching too much….we’ve all been there.

I offered an iron clad disclaimer….we would have a mix of on campus and off campus adventures today. Iron Horse told me this better be a boot camp as his right knee is nursing an injury. I respect IH because he is my elder, but mainly because I am pretty sure he could crush me…..so I quickly thought about how I could balance this workout. Keep reading.


We immediately jogged off the Calvary campus to The Carrington Swim Club parking lot. The jog helped produce some body heat, then we warmed up with:


The Thang:

Jog to the Windswept subdivision across from Davies Park. We did some Parker Peter and Peter Parker to help us gather our wits (Gummy did them in reverse by mistake….he went to Clemson, after all!). Partner up. Partners run to opposite cul-de-sacs and do 10 merkins OYO. Come back to launch point and do 10 derkins off of your partners’ planked back. Run to the opposite cul-de-sac, do another 10 OYO merkins, and flapjack on the decline merkins upon your return.

Jog across 51 to Davies Park. Wall work for a little while. Partner back up. Partner #1 does stated exercise while Partner #2 runs the parking lot lap. Flapjack upon return. Exercises included:

Dips, step-ups, incline merkins

Wall work again. Let’s mosey back to Calvary. Stopped on the way at Carrington for some Mary (LBC and American Hammer).

Once we got back to Calvary, we ran the North Face three times with 10 CDDs for working recovery at the top (I missed North Face).

Mosey to open area of Calvary parking lot. 4 sets of Mary (freddy mercury, heels to heaven, flutter, rosalita). Then, 10 gassers with various merkins and 10 counts in between.

Mosey back to launch for some quick LBC’s. That’s a wrap.


Good times! Gummy and Geraldo led the Windswept merkin/running activity. Iron Horse said his sprinting was not impacted by his knee injury and he proved it during the gassers. He and Skipper led all of them (Gummy challenged Skipper to one of the gassers and after 10 yards yelled “OK, that’s too fast”……see title). Boerewors and Levi cranked out the Davies circuit activities like the exemplary veterans they are…..speaking of Veterans……thank at least one this weekend! There is no more significant and selfless act than defending your own country!

Geraldo and Hoover….thanks for letting me lead today! I love that AO!

Gummy, thank you for the prayer, man!

Hopper, out!


Sign up for the A51 F3 Holiday Party!

Convergence this Monday for Base Camp, MASH and Matrix. 7:00 at SCMS.

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