Preblast for Week 5 of MP-10

  • When:11/05/2019
  • QIC: TBD

Preblast for Week 5 of MP-10

Yes, this may seem like a Rehash of Week 2 (actually 4 weeks ago), because it is. The pyramid is coming back down…

Swift will be leaving the new Ballantyne Corp launch point at 0515 on Tuesday for a de-escalating round of Marathon Pace-minus-10 (MP-10).

Here’s the plan:

  • 0445 – Early crew heads off for Warm-up and extra intervals
  • 0515 – MAIN PACK heads off from parking lot near Bagels+BrokenBones (aka OrthoCarolina Ballantyne) for a 10minute warm-up ending at Rushmore & Harney intersection. Will commence with 5 minutes of drills.
  • 0530 – everyone starts the next Interval of 10 minutes at Marathon-Pace-minus-10 (see notes at bottom for more on this pace), 3 minutes recovery on the Loop as follows: from Rushmore & Harney, head South on Rushmore, Left on Ballantyne Commons sidewalk, next Left on Ballantyne Corporate, Left into Bull Ring (aka Brixham Hill Ave) with a quick RIGHT onto the Bull Ring to ride it 3/4 of the way around, Right onto Rushmore.
  • 0540 – At End of Interval #1 – start 3 minutes recovery by regrouping using the OSPF principle – Open Shortest (and Safest) Path First – towards finishing the recovery at the Rushmore & Harney intersection. If you finished your interval on Rushmore, head back up towards the Bull Ring to pickup other PAX. If you finished your interval on the Bull Ring, cut through the parking lots over to Rushmore. If you finished on Ballantyne Corporate, cut back down Harney. The idea is to find a PAX to regroup with, catch your breath, and get in some 2nd F.
  • 0543 – Start Interval #2 for 10 minutes MP-10 from Rushmore & Harney. Recover 3:00 using same regroup ideas.
  • 0556 – Start Interval #3 for 10 minutes MP-10 from Rushmore & Harney.
  • 0606 – Finish the Work. Recover 3:00 until group is back at Rushmore & Harney.
  • 0609 – Option #1 – Continue recovery back to launch point
  • 0609 – Option #2 – More MP-10 for 6 minutes back to launch point
  • 0615 – COT with Bagpipe.

Notes on Marathon Pace minus 10:

These intervals will be run at “MP-10”. This means at your goal marathon pace, minus 10 seconds per mile. If your goal marathon pace is 8:00/mile then your goal pace for this workout would be 7:50 per mile.

Don’t have a goal marathon pace? Well then use this Race Calculator (click for link). Enter a recent race effort (Distance, Finishing Time), click Calculate, go to the Equivalent tab and look at Pace/Mi on the row for Marathon.

If you’ve been a Swift regular and recall Threshold Pace (aka T-pace, aka Comfortably Hard, aka Lactate Threshold), MP-10 ends up being slower than Threshold and somewhere near half the difference to Marathon goal pace.

Here are some other thoughts about the target effort for this MP-10 Strength workout, “So, usually through a combination of running too fast and not maximizing the recovery jog [during a Strength Workout], they get to the 3rd or 4th one and realize they’ve dug a hole they can’t get out of. Remember, Speed Work [which we are not doing this week] usually brings acute discomfort. It’s usually an eye opener from the get go. Strength workouts [that we are doing this week] should sneak up on you. The same effort for the last few should feel fairly hard compared to the first one or two. That’s when you’ve done it right- think slow cooker. You are slowly building that lactic feeling. Never fully recovering from the repeat prior and letting the discomfort slowly add to each successive repeat.“

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