Halloween at Rebel Yell

  • When:10.31.2019
  • QIC: Mighty Mite

Halloween at Rebel Yell

Stonecrest was gifted an hour without rain so 9 ghouls were given the disclaimer and wandered into the gloomy movie theather parking lot.

Quick Warmup
10 IW + 10 Side Lunges

Wild Turkey found a mysterious green bucket with exercises and a clue as to where to go next. The workout followed a pattern, find the bucket at the new site, perform the exercies, read the clue to find the new site, mosey on)

Trick(for pax who didn’t dress up): 50 burpess
Treat(for pax who did wear a costume): 100 merkins

Chipotle: Trick(100 step ups) Treat(100 dips)

Chick Fil A: Trick(100 lunges) Treat(100 squats)

Starbucks: Trick(100 plank jacks) Treat(1 min plank hold)

St Matthews Round 1: Trick(50 rock thrusters) Treat(50 RDLs)

St Matthews Round 2: Trick(50 tricep extensions w rock) Treat(50 curls with rock)

Target: Trick(crab walk the length of the shopping carts) Treat(bear crawl the length of the shopping carts)

Harris Teeter: Trick(50 monkey humpers) Treat(50 monkey humpers)

Stonecrest Sign on Hill: Trick(lunge walk backwards up hill) Treat(lunge walk up hill)

Mosey back to launch and it’s 6:15…COT with candy

Moleskin: YHC has wanted to Q a costumed workout for almost as long as he has been a part of F3. Last night the weather report was very scary but I’m thankful for the 8 other pax who decided to ignore the rain sounds as their alarms went off.

Not all pax wore costumes but there were some good ones. YHC wore a $10 wolfman mask that was very hard to breathe in. Wild Turkey was the Tooth Fairy. Olaf wore a Brett Favre Vikings jersey which oddly spawned more discussion about the New York Jets with Fireman Ed. Bucky was definitely the winner of the costume contest with his rendition of Martina Navratilova, complete with blonde wig, tennis skirt, and tennis racket.


Saturday is Q School at Da Vinci: 6AM Launch for Q School 101 followed by 201. All pax ready to Q or Site Qs are expected to attend if they can make it.

Sign up for the holiday party. We are getting close to the deadline. You’ll regret it if you miss out.

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4 years ago

Fun and tough!!

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