PreBlast for 5th Tuesday – Test Day

  • When:10/29/2019
  • QIC: Bratwurst

PreBlast for 5th Tuesday – Test Day

We will continue the tradition of the 5th Tuesday of the month as a Test Day. Since we’ve been using Marathon Pace as a guide for this month, you’ll have two options for this workout on Pace & Recovery, but both will utilize the same venue.

  • 0445 – the Philly guys have 2mi Intervals somewhere.
  • 0500 – extra warm-up guys will start
  • 0515 – main pack leaves for Bull Ring putting green to regroup there at 0525
  • 0525 – warm-up drills
  • 0530 – Begin Option 1 or 2 below.
  • 0605 – Don’t start another 800m after 0605 (or if you do, you’re on your own to get back to COT by 0615)
  • 0610 – Leave the Bull Ring to head back to COT.
  • 0615 – COT

Option 1:

800m on the Bull Ring at “Interval Pace” (a.k.a. VO2Max). Find your target pace using the calculator here: . Recovery is 200m jog, which can be run down to the Putting Green and back. Optional if you run the next 800m in the opposite direction. Repeato until time schedule above.

Option 2:

800m on the Bull Ring using the Yasso 800m format. The workout is explained well HERE (click for link). The premise is that you pick a time goal for a Marathon, say 4hr:00min. You run a 800m at that target, but in minutes:seconds, so 4min:0sec. Recovery jog for the same amount of time, so 4min:0sec. Repeato until time schedule above.

Other details:

  • Bull Ring will have cones every 200m. If you want to be less exact and do the Option 2 above, just start each Interval at the end of your recovery and run back to that point in whichever direction you choose.
  • Start each interval with a buddy. Recovery times don’t have to be exact for Option 2, so if anything shorten your recovery to stay with a faster buddy.
  • If running Clockwise direction, Pass oncoming traffic (other PAX) on the Left to leave the Inside curb for the Counter Clockwise runners. When approaching runners running in your same direction, pass to the outside of the ring.

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