“Pine Nut, Peanut, Hazelnet, Cashew Nut, Macadamian Nut….”

“Pine Nut, Peanut, Hazelnet, Cashew Nut, Macadamian Nut….”

Happy National Nut Day! I honestly do not give a flying fig about National Nut Day, but it did allow me to use a funny GIF Monday evening…..it’s the little things that make me happy.

Ten hearty veterans showed up this morning even though the weather prognosticators said the chances of rain were going to be 90% at 5:00 AM. Not sure how those dudes keep their jobs as we had a solid 43 minutes before the rain started. I disclaimed the boys and off we went:

The Thang:

Mosey to one of the front parking lots for warm-up:

IW’s, MC’s, HR Merkins

Mosey to paved hill toward the Horne (clearly donated by Ductwork) Building for triple nickel. Jump squats at the top, CDD’s at the bottom. Marge, Semi Gloss and Spackler dominated this session.

Journey to the center of the academic quad to metal picnic tables:

10 step-ups (each leg), 15 monkey humpers, 20 calf raises (repeat)

10 incline merkins, 15 regular merkins, 20 decline merkins

Follow the clueless leader via jog to the top of the back of the stadium. Another triple nickel on back paved, hilly sidewalk….heels to heaven at the bottom, freddy mercury at the top (again, dominated by Marge, Semi Gloss, Spackler)

Native American Run around the track.

Merkin circle in the center of the football field. Working recovery with Mary in between.

Mosey back to the front lot where we started. Suicide runs to lot islands. 10 merkins during each rotation.

Mosey back to launch for some quick Mary.

That’s a wrap!


I have to say, Trifusenik was Tripicipate today. Spack, Gloss and Pud’ gave it all they had with minimal lip service…..I feel honored. Pop Tart probably contributed the most carbon dioxide during the workout, but he’s funny, so all good!

I just want to say thanks to Hops and Hopper for letting me lead this morning…..feels weird paying gratitude to myself!


Holiday party is on Nov. 22. Sign up early for needed headcount.

Continue to bring coats as they initiative ends Oct. 31.

Ductwork, thanks for the prayer, bro!

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