Friday Morning Lights

Friday Morning Lights

On a fine (but not yet frosty) Friday morning, 7 men gathered in front of the purveyor of Peruvian poultry to get the weekend started right. Moderately well disclaimed, we were on our way.

The Thang:

Mosey to the high priced breakfast place lot for a little COP – SSH, IW, Squats, Mtn Climber, Peter Parker, Parker Peter

We then moseyed across Providence to the most brightly lit parking lot in Mecklenburg county and stumbled on some chalk writing on the pristine pavement. It seemed to be a workout and the Q not having a better plan decided to follow it.

Merkin, Heels to Heaven, LBC, Carolina Dry Dock, Lunge, Burpee, Dolly and Dive Bomb Merkin

Do 20 of the first exercise, run a lap, then do 20 of the first and second exercise and run a lap, do 20 of exercises 1,2 and 3 then run a lap. Continue until time is called. For the astute reader, this is a version of Smokey’s famous Board workout.

Moseyed back across Providence to the cars for 10 quick OYO merkins and COT


  1. We’ll blame the lower than average turnout on the temps rather than a lack of marketing by the Q
  2. The new temps did bring out a variety of attire – Asto was rocking the toboggan and Shop Dog the sweatshirt. Shop lot the sweatshirt during the grinder but Astro seemed comfortable. What is he going to do when it’s 20 degrees?
  3. Welcome to our visitor Candy Cane from ENC. There is an AO within 10 minutes of your hotel 6 days a week so come back and visit again.
  4. Quiet crew during the grinder – everyone getting after it and challenging themselves – Job pushed on to finish the whole list with an extra minute or so after time was called.
  5. Always a pleasure to lead.

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