15 men showed up to watch Chelms and Abacus go 2v2 in basketball against a couple of middle school kids.  Wait, that event is Sunday, location TBD.  The rest of us showed to get some work done on a cool morning.

Wishy washy disclaimer given. 

Run to the rocks and pick up a heavy one.  Scratch that, pick up all of them.  That’s surely the smallest rock pile in all of Area 51. 

Haul rock to the middle of the upper deck and leave it there.  That was your warm up.  Hopefully you were all limber and ready to go.  I know you missed my soothing cadence count this AM.

Run up stair 1 – 5 8-Count Body Builders.  Back down

Run up stair 2 – 5 Thrusters with rock.  Back down

Run up stair 3 – 5 shoulder taps (each arm).  Back down

Run up stair 2 again – 5 Good mornings with Rock

Now repeat the process.  Add 5 reps to each exercise, each round.


Lorax took an early lead on Brilleaux.    I poked Brilleaux to catch up while passing on the stairs, it paid off and he took a lead going into the final round.  I called out Chelms on Slack with dragged him out.  He was out in front of the peloton.  Probably just far enough in front to ensure guys couldn’t form check him. 

A good crew of RESPECTS out there as well today.  Maybe the oldest AO in Area 51.

Thanks to Mermaid for the takeout.


Bring Coats to Chelms

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