AYE. Despite the fact that Flipper had a late night celebrating his wife’s birthday, he posted – but without the weight bags. YHC had to improvise. It hurt. Here’s what happened:

Mosey to the top of the parking deck
Down the stairs – do 20 of a chest exercise of your selection
Up the stairs – do 1 burpee
Down the ramp – do 20 of a leg exercise of your selection
Up the stairs – do 1 burpee
Do 20 of a core exercise of your selection
Repeat with ascending burpees at each round
Close out with about 5 minutes of Mary
Mosey back to the launch

1. This one hurt. Some folks got all the way through Round 9 (135 total burpees) while others got through Round 8. OW was hankering for extending time to finish out Round 10, but YHC squelched that idea. I know my limits. Kind of.
2. There was much complaining made by all, but no one could match the vociferousness of Gummy’s dissent. As usual. It’s really a miracle that he comes to WAMRAP at all – especially given that it is only his 3rd favorite Wednesday workout.
3. We all faced death as the construction workers flew up the parking deck and insisted on parking in their normal spots by backing into them. Anyway, we all feared for our lives but I don’t think anyone was run over.
4. Purell made a lot of noise on Slack but then didn’t post. That’s unlike him and we will excuse it…this time.


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2 years ago

Purell is saving himself for Meathead tomorrow. Deal with it, McGee.

2 years ago

Other fun facts:
– This workout included my first experience of second hand smoke during a workout. The aforementioned construction guys had to light up before going into the building, and the smoke filled the staircase.
– Turkey Leg said it was his rest day, so he just posted at WAMRAP. What do you do on your rest days?
– During Plank-o-rama at the end we wrote the promo for a new 30 for 30 about McGee and WAMRAP. “What would you say if I told you McGee spent 5 weeks by himself in a luxury shopping center parking lot?” There would be shots of him running past Providence Country Club on his way in, and probably a fight scene with Camp Gladiator. Working title is “White Privilege”.
– Orange Whip says he doesn’t wear hats. Weird.
– Flipper took a shot at McGee for his long instructions. Irony.
– It was good to see Stumphugger back out there. He fought hard through the whole thing – I don’t have anything snarky to say about him.

2 years ago

Darnit Gummy, people like my instructions!!!!!
I’m a people person!!!!
People Like ME!!!!

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