The non-contagious contagious Q.

  • When:11/28/2016
  • QIC: Bushwood (kotters)
  • The PAX: Swiper, Kirk, Semi-Gloss, Spankler, FNG-Rooney, Orlando, Bounce, Cold Cuts (Metro version), One Eye, Love Bug, Pele, Hairball, Hannibal, Alf, Cheese Curd, Film Fesitval, Chappy, Doogie, Pothole, Rachel, Aqua Fresh, No Puke Sundancer, Iron Mike, Duct Work, Bushwood (Q), and........missing 1!

The non-contagious contagious Q.

Guys, cough cough cough, I, cough, am not contagious, cough cough cough. Stupid walking pneumonia.

26 brahs ran amok in Mountainbrook. Semi said that DMZ had been easy recently so I had to fix that.

Run to Mountainbrook
-Squats whilst waiting

Mountainbrook Loops
Partner 1 runs down Table Rock; Partner 2 runs down Mill Pond and left on Haverstick; exercises when you meet and back at start
#1: 10 Dumbocrats
–50 LBCs OYO
#2: 25 Derkins
–50 LBCs OYO
#3: 25 WW2 Sit-ups
#4: 10 Handshake Merkins

Haverstick Hill
Wheelbarrow to top (This was piss poor. Only 6 people did them. I blame Spackler.)
10 burpees
Backwards run to top
10 burpees
Partner carry to the top

Back to base.

It’s good to be back at DMZ. Getting injured and then getting sick sucks. But have no fear, I’m back, cough and all. And I was the six. It was a little depressing to look up and watch Sundancer run by me. I almost, ALMOST, quit right there and just walk home. The shame was almost too much.

But I persevered because I couldn’t let this group of 26 down. Semi mentioned to Mermaid that DMZ had gotten kind of easy lately (funny, since one of those Q’s was Mermaid). So, we ran and did some stuff while running. Vintage DMZ. Just like how Hops envisioned it. Well, maybe not since he doesn’t post at DMZ anymore #scared. We haven’t hit the Mountainbrook Loop before and it didn’t disappoint at 0.6 miles long. Just long and hilly enough to be terrible. Plus we got to wake up the neighbors. 3.6 miles and DMZ is back!

I told Semi we wouldn’t run more than 3 miles. Let me tell you, the only way to get Semi to post when he asks a question like that is to just lie. At that point, he’s just looking for an excuse. No way, Semi, not today. You’re welcome #hugs.

Sundancer also hit a milestone. He didn’t puke during the WW2 sit-ups. I know, its weird and I have no idea why he always pukes, but not today! I think he was just excited to not be the six. See, its all in your head, Sundancer.

Swiper talked the entire time, but I have no idea what he said. I was coughing too loudly.

Alf showed up. I don’t know why. Kidding (not really). Good to see you at A51’s finest. Also, good to see Hairball at a bootcamp. He literally couldn’t do a derkin. His arms gave out after 1. On the bright side, he can now blister the pax at any distance over 15 miles.

We actually had a genuine FNG today. It had been so long that I wasn’t sure what to do. He made his way to Charlotte via Louisville and England. Big Man City fan. So, naturally, we named him after Man U’s favorite son, Wayne Rooney. He and Rachel were out front. Actually, everyone was out front of the Q, so everyone gets 1 brownie point.

In all seriousness, I’m thankful to be back, slow and all.

A51 Toy Drive for Operation Sweet Tooth:
Bring toys to the workouts and the site Q’s will take them.

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7 years ago

I was there on an audit today. #corporate There will be a full report written. You should be concerned.

7 years ago

It sounds like I need to post with Bushwood while he’s still sick so I can finally beat him on Strava.

7 years ago

The total number of burpees I’ve done in 2016 was tripled at this workout. Thanks for that

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