Mega Starfish

  • When:11/23/16
  • QIC: Strawberry
  • The PAX: Frack, Shop Dawg (R), Bouche, Snow Flake (R), Ice9, Recalculating, Hollywood, Transporter, Dasher, Enron, Doc McShuffins, Posse, Strawberry

Mega Starfish

14 13 men gathered before the Thanksgiving beatdown for an appetizer consisting of bricks, posts, and random other lumber / logs. Everyone got their fill.

Circle up:
– SSH x 20
– IW x 20

Mega Starfish – Partner up and a quick circle around the Starfish to review and explain each exercise station. After explaining each movement and number of reps per team, we gathered back in the middle for instructions that we will perform 10 merkins every time we returned to the middle.
Starfish Stations:
– Station # 1 – One partner = Thrusters. The other = Skip Rope. Total Thrusters x 50 total per team
– Station # 2 – 2’x6’ Curls and Overhead Press x 50 each per team
– Station # 3 – Brick Man-maker Merkins x 40 total per team
– Station # 4 – 2 times through agility ladder with Walking Brick Merkins
– Station # 5 – Overhead press w/6’x6’ post x 20
– Station # 6 – Cedar log squats x 100 total per team
– Station # 7 – Partner Post run out and back
– Station # 8 – Cedar log hand snatch x 50 total per team OR controlled slow shoulder raises

We finished with time to spare, so we elected to keep running through the stations.

– Initial WOD didn’t involve my equipment, but a late request from Bratwurst changed my mind. No one had experienced my Atlas Home Depot equipment before, so I’m hoping they all enjoyed something different.
– Speaking of, Brat had to bail before we began due to a fear that the workout would ruin his finely-honed runner’s body. In actuality he’s nursing an injury — get well Brat – we need you out leading us brother.
– Stumphugger almost bailed from work to join us, but YHC didn’t want his tie wrinkled. He did look all about business though!
– We were separated from each other the majority of the workout so I didn’t catch a lot of BB material.

Thanks for letting me lead.

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7 years ago

That was a ton of hardware (metaphorically & physically) you brought! Really appreciate the kind of prep required for such a beatdown! Even getting it back into your truck should have qualified for some EC.

7 years ago

Enron and I were disappointed that you didn’t incorporate much shoulder work into the mix. In fact, if there had been a third cedar log, I’m sure Enron would have started juggling them. #beast

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