SOFAWIB BB – Then there were 3

  • When:11/22/2016
  • QIC: Swiper
  • The PAX: Cold Cuts, One Eye, Swiper

SOFAWIB BB – Then there were 3

And then there were 3. We showed up to start Tuesday off right and to continue the detox before Thursday’s binge. No plan so we made it up.

Run Chadwyck mile for warm up with 20 merkins at every turn.

Run to jungle gym in the back for 10 pullups, 20 dips, 30 squats.

Run to the entrance off Rea for 10 burpees, 20 Carolina dry docks, 30 over/unders.

Repeat until 6:08. Chadwyck mile.

NM: During pullups, it was cold. The sky was crystal clear. Cold Cuts saw 3 perfectly aligned stars and went into an astrology lesson, ending with “3 guys, 3 perfect stars. Coincidence?” Needless to say, it got weird after that. Regardless, we sweat it out and put a good deposit on the day.

It’s official that Semi Gloss has begun winter hibernation.

I’m Q with 3 others at AG Middle for Thursday’s Turkey Day convergence. 7AM. Be there.

Excellent work getting 460+ turkeys to CRM by the men of F3. #HIM

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