Providence Colony

  • When:11/22/16
  • QIC: Alf
  • The PAX: Turkey Leg, Joker, Fault Line, Icicle, Hannibal, Van Pelt (Respect), Retread, Steinbrenner, Pop Tart, Gummy, and Alf (Q)

Providence Colony

11 men posted this morning for a cool crisp edition of Fast Twitch.  A fairly basic weinke today.  Go run.

The Thang:

Run the mile out of the school and to the bottom of Raintree Ln for a brief warm up of squats and imperial walkers (crowd favorite).  We completed this on time since it was too chilly for Joker to step off course and fertilize the front lawn of the Country Club.

Partner up, preferably with someone with differing speed than you.  P1 runs Raintree Ln to 51 and back.  P2 runs Raintree Ln to Providence in back.  15 hand slap merkins when you meet and then alternate sides and repeat.  Speedy guys meet up with 6 an mosey back to the bottom of Raintree.

Mosey up to Providence Crossing (lots of complaints about going the wrong way) – I realized this may be the one street in Raintree I have never run on, but have passed at least 591,195,028 times.  Run to end, 15 jump squats, return to Raintree for 15 jump squats.  Nothing really impressive about the street.  Moderate hill and townhomes.  Meh.

Indian Run up the hill to Rounding Run.  Three sets of AYG’s back to the school each 200m to 400m long.

Finish with 3 minutes of parking lot sprints.


Ahh – the old Raintree 5K in disguise.  You still got the whole course, but this time got to start uphill no matter which way you went.  Running the length of that road is just terrible.  Doing it back and forth is just silly.  Hope you enjoyed it.  A strong morning by the PAX.  There really was no six as they group stayed fairly tight.

  • Gummy might need to be renamed Crossing Guard.  He was quite vigilant this morning notifying the PAX about cars.  I think some were still parked in the driveway.
  • Fault Line and Joker spent most of the 5K chatting it up like 8th grade girls putting their makeup on in the bathroom.  Not sure they were pushing hard enough.  But wind resistance is certainly a factor with the Wooly Vest.
  • Fault Line did mention he has night terrors of Turkey Leg’s hard stomping feet coming up from behind him.  Between that and the swish-swish of Fraiser’s shorts, there is lots to be afraid of in the gloom.
  • First time to see Steinbrenner in a long time.  Kotters. He hung in there well – a tough workout and not a lot of opportunity to audible to something less than the 6+ miles we laid down.
  • Pop Tart, current reigning Beer Mile Champ in A51 is turning into a runner.  Time for BRR sign-ups.  There is beer at the end…
  • VP, Icicle and Retread were cruising out there this morning.
  • Where is Purple Haze?
  • Keep the guys recovering from injury in your thoughts – Mr. Brady and Horsehead are a few, but surely there are others.
  • Thanks to Hannibal for the take out.



Sing up for Joe Davis run.

Bring toys for Operation Sweet Tooth to any workout or the Christmas Party.


I haven’t checked for grammar and spelling – that’s what Gummy is for.  #Accountants



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High Tide
7 years ago

Area 51 Winter Gear Order!
Just in time for Christmas deliveries, we’re offering the Area 51 logo on Winter gear! From long sleeved shirts to fleece pullovers and hoodies, we’ve got you covered- literally. Ordering is open One Week Only, ending Monday, November 28, so don’t delay.

Reply to  High Tide
7 years ago

Ho ho ___!

7 years ago

High Tide must be getting a healthy kickback for the winter gear. Aggressive marketing.

I know I’m in trouble anytime the “warmup” part of FT is a mile run at 7:30 pace. Good times. Alf, Fault Line and I passed the time during the warmup complaining about the cold weather. There is really only a 2-week period in late October where it’s not too hot or too cold for FT. Everything else is bad.

Joker hurt my feelings by refusing to do the hand-slap merkins with me. I think he was afraid I’d sweat on the woolly vest.

Thanks to Van Pelt and Hannibal for pushing and pulling (mostly pulling) me along the 5k route. We ran that way faster than I would choose to on my own.

7 years ago

So I get this text from Steinbrenner last night about 8:00, “I’m up for a primarily running workout tomorrow.” Whoa. Words I never thought I’d see typed. THEN he showed up! Kudos, Steinbrenner. You did great, especially fighting a fierce cold.

Fun running with Gummy and Van Pelt, though the longer we went, the shorter the sentences got until they were mere unintelligible syllables.

Good Q, Alf. Probably not a lot of creativity there, but good, pure, clean running of miserable long hills. I’m better for it.

7 years ago

So, you’re saying the Strava CR didn’t change hands today?

7 years ago

I don’t show up early enough or stay late enough for any 2nd-F banter, so gotta squeeze it in where I can.

Sorry on the hand slaps Gumny, but I don’t do those anymore.

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