#PreBlast – Accelerate and Cruise

#PreBlast – Accelerate and Cruise

This week will mark a slight return to the more sensible early start times that those of the past 2 weeks.  If you post at regular start time of 0515, you won’t get thrown in to a sudden sprint, and you just have to post at 0500 to get the Early Bird start.


  • 0500 – Early Bird crew starts off from the Vine Restaurant in Ballantyne with 15min easy Running and Drills.
  • 0515 – All PAX leave from the Vine Restaurant in Ballantyne for 5min of Easy running over to the Brixham Green.
  • 0520 – Option 1: recommended for Early crew – 15minutes of Threshold Pace around the Brixham Green.
  • 0520 – Option 2: recommended for 0515 crew – 15minute Acceleration Run which is a run startling at a very Easy pace, and picking it up every segment (or time) to finish the 15minutes near Interval Pace (which is about 30 seconds per mile slower than 1mile Race Pace).  There will be cones approximately every half lap of the Brixham Green, so the cones will be about 400m apart.  Goal to run each 400m 5 seconds faster than the last.  5 seconds per 400m is a 20 seconds of “pace” (minutes per mile) faster.  If starting at a 9:00/mi pace, then drops to 8:40, 8:20, 8:00, 7:40, 7:20, 7:00, 6:40, etc.  Really more about watching your watch is your effort increasing at each cone.  Start slower than you think to give yourself room to increase.
  • 0535 – Group Mosey for 20min to go exploring in Ballantyne.  Easy run.
  • 0555 – Starting on Rushmore on the ~1mi Rushmore / Harney / parking lot loop (route here: https://www.strava.com/routes/6972020) for 15minute Threshold Pace run.  Finish your 15min on Ballantyne Corporate Place (somewhere between Harney and top of the hill) to regroup.
  • 0610 – 5 minute Mosey back to COT.

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