Basic Training & A Log

  • When:11/21/2016
  • QIC: Voodoo & Argonaut
  • The PAX: Frehley's Comet, Mighty Might, Nard Dawg, Voodoo, Argonaut

Basic Training & A Log

Per the usual, YHC was super pumped about heading to the ‘hole for some KB work. Also per the usual the pre-run was at 5am. Nard Dawg, Voodoo, and YHC were in attendence. After a 2 mile warm-up, the parking lot showed 2 additional cars for a total of 5 men ready to work. Here’s what happened next:


  • 16 SSH IC
  • 10 Merkins IC, hold plank
  • 16 Mountain Climbs IC, hold plank


Circle Up and grab a bell. Then:

Swings N Presses
  • 10 swings, 1 press each side.
  • 15 swings, 2 press each side.
  • 25 swings, 3 press each side.
  • 50 swings, 4 press each side.

Mosey down to the field with your bell. After a brief demonstration from Voodoo, let’s work on the Turkish Get Up. Mind that form:

  • 2 Get-ups (one each side with no bell) nice and slow.
  • 4 Get-ups (two each side with bell, if you got one)
Carries, Pulls N Snatches

Waiter’s carry down the field toward the goal line, stop at the 18′. Waiter’s carry other side back past midfield.

Circle up for some more KB work. Time spent showing form and talking through technique.

  • 10 snatch each side
  • 10 high pull each side.
Station Work

Voodoo flips the Q over to YHC, and we walk back to the launch point with bell racked. Q calls variety of presses on different sides as we walk. ~ 10 presses each side. The remainder of the time remaining ~20 minutes, was spent at 3 stations. 1 person at station one, the other 4 divided evenly at stations 2 and 3. Switch stations when the runner returns.

  • Station #1: Run the lap ~400-600 meters, carrying the 55lb Rubber Log.
  • Station #2: (Partners) Partner Resisted Abyss Merkins. 5 hard reps, switch and repeat.
  • Station #3: 20 KB swings, 5 pull-ups. Repeato.


(I’m not brand loyal)

As today’s Foxhole was being planned, Voodoo and YHC had envisioned up to 3 newcomers; these were not necessarily FNGs, but guys who hadn’t swung the bell in a while or have never. While we ended up bereft of the new faces in the end (for various reasons), we still had a great time getting back to basics.

Everyone put out some good work today. On paper it doesn’t look that impressive, but everyone gave there all and really focused on getting quality reps in. No bro reps out there today.

Also, today was sort of an inauspicious debut for a piece of workout gear that YHC has been using for sometime, pre-F3. The “Rubber Log” is a 45-65 ish pound (I really have no idea how light / heavy it is) piece of flotsam from the garage that has been bound together with duct tape. If you are interested in making one (expecting no one to be interested at this point): 1 old red shower rod, 2 used laces from a pair of CCM 995 SuperTack ice hockey skates, a yellow pool noodle with the customary 3/4 inch center hole, 15 ft of black duct tape, and a heavily used rubber bedliner from a since deceased 2001 Ford F150 SuperCab. Instructions, insert shower rod into the pool noodle, wrap the bedliner tightly around the noodle several times. Surround with duct-tape at 4-6 key spots, form hand holds from the skate laces. The Rubber Log is most often used as a load to be shouldered while running, but can also be used for partner sit-ups (#sealfit) and other odd exercises. Perhaps it will make its way out into the gloom again soon.

Rubber Log

On behalf of your humble Site-Qs, Voodoo and YHC, thanks for coming out. An honor as always to lead.

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7 years ago

Thanks for writing the BB and sharing the impromptu Q, Argonaut. A good combination of exercises, running, partner work, and a solid crew of veterans. I hadn’t seen Nard Dawg since the BRR, so it was good to have him at Foxhole. Good to finally make a pre-run as well.

For the folks who threatened to post (cough, Mr. Bean, cough), come on out. KBs are a lot of fun and a great way to add variety to your workout. As Argonaut said, you can still do all the boot camp stuff (running and bodyweight), but you can mix in KBs, too. And the Foxhole AO is the best around with (hopefully) carcinogen-free turf fields, playground equipment, a smooth parking lot, too many features to list.

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