Mountain Turkeys Can Run, Too!!

  • When:11/18/16
  • QIC: Slim Fast
  • The PAX: The Mouth, Pvt Benjamin, Benny, Joker, Turkey Leg, Nomad, Retread, Tweetsie, Insomniac, Dumpster Fire, Drano, Slim Fast

Mountain Turkeys Can Run, Too!!

12 Goats… um, Turkeys, showed up for a pre-Thanksgiving edition of Mountain Goat!  Being a cool morning in the 3’s, YHC was sure to be bundled up for an Arctic expedition!

As everyone trickled in…(Joker seemed to be last, but Nomad came in on 2 wheels…) we disclaimed, and set out for the following:

  1.  Warm-up jog down Strawberry; dynamic stretching
  2. 200-400-400 intervals x 3
  3. Quick cool-down; DONE!

Excellent job out there… approximately 5 – 5.5 miles covered!


Simple program.  We used the road humps for our distances, although we finally have proved that the humps are just slightly shorter than 200m…. but close enough for Mountain Goat work!

Also, it took a few intervals for everyone to remember how many road humps we needed to run past.  We reversed direction, which added to the confusion.  But by the 3rd and final iteration, I think we had it down!

Joker and Turkey leg led the way.  The Mouth was not far behind… and especially when the young ladies ran past us, I think The Mouth would have beat Usain Bolt on the 200m sprint!!

Retread, Dumpster Fire and Draino were hanging close to the front, and Nomad also was close behind!

T-claps to Pvt Benjamin.  This was his 3rd post… The Big House was his first post on Monday, which was the inaugural launch for The Big House!!   It is a great AO… DF will pay me later for the plug!

Tweetsie, Benny and Insomniac were giving it 100% as usual!!  Excellent job, boys!!

We missed Lois this week… he’s fighting the crud, but should be back on 12/2.

QUICK BRO HUG… I really am thankful for you guys!  You make my Friday mornings great!  Thanks for making the site fun, but also your friendships and your encouragement.


  1. No Mountain Goat next week 11/25.  We will resume Friday 12/2.
  2. Operation Sweet Tooth — bring a toy or two and/or toiletries, to the 12/2 workout.  SF will collect and take to the Christmas party.  These will be distributed to a couple of organizations.
  3. Sign-up for the Joe Davis Run on 1/7.  SF is contributing $5 for every Goat that signs up, including family members.   Make SF poor!

DF took us out with a great prayer.  Everyone have a GREAT Thanksgiving… and safe travel for those that will be heading out of town!  Enjoy that extra piece of pumpkin pie on Slimmy… you boys deserve it!!

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High Tide
7 years ago

Goats, turkeys, men…

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