Fast Twitch Double Anvil

  • When:11/15/2016
  • QIC: Mermaid
  • The PAX: Pop Tart, Utah, Champagne, Slice, Fault Line, Alf, Turkey Leg, Hannibal, Icicle, Joker

Fast Twitch Double Anvil

Scratch 297 and go 298 for number of pre-alarm awakenings from YHC’s 6 year old son.  Love that little guy with all my heart.  I always remember that there will be a day when he won’t need me nearly as much.  If he needs to jump in bed to feel safe next to his dad, then jump on in, son.  Pulled into SCMS as the first FT arrival with Utah.  At least we had each other.  A few more cars pulled in and we formed a group of 11, counting the QIC.  Veteran crew heard the short-version disclaimer and off we went.


7/10 mile mosey to Davey Park.


SSH x 10 IC

IW x 10 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

Continue south on 51 to Entrance 1 of Calvary.  To the Pavilion.  8/10 mile from Davey.

The Anvil

  1. Bench Set at Pavilion: 10 Jump Up or Step Up/10 Dip/10 Derkin.  Run to top of Entrance 2.
  2. 20 Jump Squat at Entrance 2.  Run to bottom of Entrance 3 at Rae.
  3. 10 Hand-Release Burpee.  Run to top of Entrance 4.
  4. 20 Carolina Dry Dock.  Run back to Pavilion.

Repetition 1 done as a group.  Approximately 1.2 mile total length.

Repetition 2: ALL YOU GOT (AYG)

Repeat Bench Set to regroup.

Mosey north on 51 to Davey Park Entrance.  PAX-called Mary.

Continue mosey to SCMS.  3 minutes of parking lot laps.



4th Q in 6 posts.  Sometimes it ends up working out that way.  Read a NY Times article entitled, ‘How Much Suffering Can you Take (11/6/2016),’ about the Quintuple Anvil Triathlon-five Ironman-length races in 5 days.  That’s over 703 miles total.  Each time you finish an IM you bang the anvil with a hammer.  It was completed in confined loops: 30 laps in a section of lake, 101 laps of a 5+ mile bike loop, and 75 laps of approx 2 mile run loop.  Course nicknamed the “squirrel cage.”  Sound like fun?

Had been thinking of a longer circuit to run repeats on at Fast Twitch.  The 100-acre Calvary campus provides the perfect venue.  Hence, the Anvil circuit.  Yes, YHC stole the name from the above-mentioned article.  And we ran it at the Anvil AO, so there’s that too.  Today we ran it twice: Double Anvil.  At approximately 1.15 miles, it can be run in about 10-12 minutes.  The idea was to run it together once and then twice, consecutively, at AYG pace.  We probably could not have got the whole group through round 3 due to time.

This would be a great circuit to run with a time limit.  Based on today, most men should be able to get 4-6 reps in 60 minutes, depending on fitness level and speed, of course.  60-minute Sextuplet Anvil Challenge, anyone?  Will resurface when the opportunity arises.  By the way, Dolph Hock IV, a former military sniper, won the one-per-day division in 74 hours 54 minutes 17 seconds.  Quite an accomplishment.

Pop Tart was at Rebel Yell a few weeks ago and asked for clarification regarding a called exercise.  YHC on Q.  He asked, “Did he say burpees?”  Negative.  Merkins were called, but YHC will always take requests that are better ideas than his own.  Today he again needed clarification when H-R burpees were called.  No, Pop Tart, merkins were not called.  Good try.

Joker and Alf out front on the AYG Anvil circuit.  Strong work men.  The rest of the group pushed hard through a total of 5.7 miles.  A far cry from 703, but it was about the idea, not the duration and length.  Great job this morning.  That workout wore YHC out.  A couple Q fails to note: COP done in close proximity and YHC qualified it as “intimate.”  Not received well.  YHC pointed out the Supermoon at Calvary upon arrival.  Joker quick to return to the intimate comment.  Lesson learned.  Please note, though, that the moon will not shine that bright for another 48 years. Well worth a moment’s pause to catch a good glimpse.  Anyway, the return run hurt more than it should have.  Thankful for the opportunity and the ability to lead this group of men today at Fast Twitch.  T-claps to Hannibal for the takeout.


South Charlotte Christmas Party 12/02/2016 at Firethorne CC.  Preblast and sign up HERE

Operation Sweet Tooth to benefit Alexander Youth Network.  Read the preblast HERE

01/07/2017 Joe Davis Run for Recovery in Fort Mill.  Proceeds to Keystone Substance Abuse Center in Rock Hill, SC.  Great race, greater cause.  Organized by Rock Thrill’s family, in memory of his brother, Joe Davis, who died of an accidental overdose.  Register HERE.


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Fault Line
Fault Line
7 years ago

Great Q and workout Mermaid…seemed like we never stopped running. Due to my new work schedule, I don’t deviate too far from home to post as much. Plus I’ve just avoided running at FT period. It was great to see the usual suspects working hard as always. Thanks to Hannibal and Poptart for keeping me honest on Drydocks. I’m feeling it.

7 years ago

Enjoyed the workout. I look forward to getting 4 laps in next time. And I’m always looking for a way to get out of any kind of burpee

7 years ago

A great old school mix of heavy run with some boot camp. I think we’ll see some of the numbers kick back up after Kiawah. A couple of guys prefer the 3am start time of Swift to get in 50 miles before work.

We could pull of 4-5 laps of that at Rock Zero one morning…..

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