Rock Zero Backblast

  • When:11/12/2016
  • QIC: Swiper
  • The PAX: Alf, McGee, Nemo, E-Trade, Marlin, Fault Line, Safelight, Hoover, Gummy, Tiger Rag, Gaffer, Dingo, Swiper

Rock Zero Backblast

14 came out to the 2nd showing of Rock Zero. Instead of occupying the 32 square miles of parking lot, we left campus rather quickly for a nasty hill.

The Thang:

Mosey to the “amphitheater” for warm up: SSH X 27.5, Merkin X 12, Bear Crawl around said “amphitheater,” Derkins X 10, Imperial Walkers X 28.3, whatever else we did.

Mosey across 51 to a Pulte Homes establishment. Head to the base of a nasty hill we’ll call The Woof.

10 burpees at the bottom, run up to home site 35 (Woof) and 20 over/unders (4 count). Repeat X 3.

Mosey toward Colony/Rea.

Stop at a mailbox we all know but a house we don’t. Teams of 3.

Partner A – Freddy Mercury, Partner B – 200 yards away, low slow squats, Partner C – run in between, Repeat until Gummy complains (again)

Run to entrance (Colony), plank

Run back to cul-de-sac, 7’s with burpees/diamond merkins.

Run to the base of the Woof AYG, run backwards up it. Waive to a chatty Cathy in her wardrobe with labrador in tow. TR was overly chatty. Head back to the Concrete Castle known as Calvary.


Gaffer was day 2 today. T-Claps brother. Keep coming out.

Nemo tried to gas it on the AYG to the Woof. Didn’t work out. He bottle rocketed to the second mailbox and then hit the e-brake. E-trade brought the heat the whole way, #oldmanstrength. Nemo’s crushing it for his age. Keep it coming brother.

TR pushed me all morning. Much appreciated brother.

Horseneck has new shoes and therefore a new lease on life. Watch out.

Gummy brought the mumble chatter. No effect on the Q.

Missing one on the roster list thanks to my breathy phone recording. Sound off.

Thanks for the chance to Q men.

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7 years ago

Boerewors is your missing PAX. Another note for your HR file. I wasn’t complaining – just coaching and feedback.

That hill already has two names (Five Knolls and LC) – you don’t get to name it again.

Good times this morning. Thanks guys.

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